Dota 2 Fan Congratulates OG By Putting Up A Billoard In The Philippines

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A Filipino Dota 2 fan towered a billboard with OG members' faces on it.
A Filipino Dota 2 fan towered a billboard with OG members' faces on it. Chu Julia

Dota 2 is a game highly celebrated across the world, and this is largely thanks to its passionate fanbase. Apparently, these fans can sometimes go a little overboard when it comes to supporting their go-to team. Recently, a fan of OG – the back-to-back TI champions – showed what it really means to “Bleed Green.”

OG made history after becoming the first ever Dota 2 pro team to win back-to-back TI champions. And after their success, a Filipino fan reportedly went beyond in sharing the glory of his team. Not only did he express his love for OG to the Philippines, but also the entire world.

So, how exactly did he do it? Well, by putting up a billboard with OG members’ faces on it. This is definitely a move to remind people of OG’s unmatched skills in the game.

Chu Julia lives in Naga, Philippines. And, for him, no one in his town could stop him from celebrating OG’s success. He reached out to a very popular figure in the Dota 2 scene named Wykrhm Reddy, and the latter created a graphic celebrating OG’s successful run in The International 2019. Julia’s goal was to ask permission from Reddy in hopes of using the graphic for his billboard stunt.

“Yo sir wyk, can I use this layout?” Julia messaged Reddy. “I’m planning to rent a billboard.”

Reddy, who was completely baffled by Julia’s message, gave him the permission. And, eventually, Julia kept his words and rented a massive billboard in the busy streets of Naga City. Props to him, really!

It does make sense for Julia to go beyond the usual “fan.” OG, for starters, became champions of The International twice. Not only did they break the “curse,” but they also made history. What is more, all five members quickly ascended to become the highest-earning esports players.

Interestingly, the billboard stunt from Julia seems to raise a very compelling question. Would Valve be opened to the possibility of letting smaller countries like Philippines host the prestigious event? Sure, the Philippines became the host for The Manila Major, an event OG won in a dominating fashion. But ever since TI1, smaller countries have never been an option for this Dota 2 tournament.

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