Complexity Reveals Updated Dota 2 Roster, Hopes For Better Talent

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Complexity Gaming is the first pro Dota 2 team to reshuffle its roster this year.
Complexity Gaming is the first pro Dota 2 team to reshuffle its roster this year. Complexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming could have been a great competitor in North American Dota 2. Unfortunately, the team’s chances quickly went down as the season came to an end. They simply could not come up with the right roster.

After watching the very first day of The International 2019 from home, Complexity Gaming decided to overhaul their roster. And in hopes of getting a much better shot at next year’s TI, the esport organization made the decision to reshuffle its players.

It is common for Dota 2 pro teams to rotate their players, especially after not being able to compete at The International. One of the main reasons is to test what aspects of a roster could work and which ones do not. However, this usually means removing the only chance for players to really build chemistry together.

There is no doubt that Complexity is one of the best Dota 2 teams out there. Unfortunately, chemistry is something that they do not have. In fact, this element is quite noticeable during matches, with players unable to dictate plays accordingly.

Complexity had to deal with one of its youngest cornerstone player named Andrei “Skem” Ong after he made a racist comment against Royal Never Give Up during the DreamLeague Season 10. As a result, the organization had to put him on an inactive status. Unfortunately for them, Skem’s removal affected the team’s overall chances of winning the tournament. Even more so, their reputation took a deep hit after captain Jacky “EternalEnvy” Mao and Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu decided to leave right after the event.

Complexity is a team infamous for not being able to put up a stable roster. This started when the organization decided to part ways with longtime captain Kyle “melonzz” Freedman in the middle of the 2017 DreamLeague season. In recent years, the organization has been all about accepting stand-in players and trial contracts, as well as adding a few core players who tend to stick around for a handful of Majors only.

Although TI20 is still very far away, Dota 2 pro teams are expected to come up with a go-to roster soon. That is exactly what Complexity did. And, hopefully, this new one can prove to be successful.

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