Dota 2 Spring Tour Starts This Week in 5 Regions as Eastern Europe’s is Postponed

A new season is here.
A new season is here. Valve

It’s time once again for Dota 2 teams around the world to show if they have what it takes as the DPC Spring Tour starts this week. North America, China, and Western Europe all start their matches tomorrow. Meanwhile, Southeast Asia starts Wednesday while South America is on Thursday.

What makes this upcoming tournament exciting is that we get to see the preparation of the different teams, especially with the release of Patch 7.31. If you haven't been up to date, this new patch introduced a lot of new cool things like a new hero and new items.

You’re probably wondering why there are only five regions. That’s because the tournament for Eastern Europe has been postponed for obvious reasons.

For those of you who can’t wait to see Dota 2 matches, do not worry since the Division II of each region starts today. By the way, Division II for Eastern Europe has been postponed as well.

The Spring Tour

Here are the schedules and teams participating for each of the five regions:

  • North America (March 15 – April 20)
    • 4 Zoomers
    • Evil Geniuses
    • Quincy Crew
    • simply TOOBASED
    • Team DogChamp
    • The Cut
    • TSM
    • Wildcard Gaming
  • Western Europe (March 15 – April 20)
    • Brame
    • Entity
    • Gladiators
    • Nigma Galaxy
    • OG
    • Team Liquid
    • Team Secret
    • Tundra Esports
  • China (March 15 – April 22)
    • EHOME
    • LBZS
    • PSG.LGD
    • Royal Never Give Up
    • Team Aster
    • Team MagMa
    • Vici Gaming
    • Xtreme Gaming
  • Southeast Asia (March 16 – April 21)
    • BOOM Esports
    • Execration
    • Fnatic
    • Neon Esports
    • Nigma Galaxy SEA
    • Polaris Esports
    • T1
    • Team SMG
  • South America (March 17 – April 22)
    • Balrogs
    • Beastcoast
    • Hokori
    • Infamous
    • Infinity
    • APU King of Kings
    • Lava
    • Thunder Awaken

Postponed Tournament

In a post, Valve said that the Spring Tour for Eastern Europe is postponed. In addition, Epic Esports Events has expressed its intention to give up its rights to the DPC so that the players, teams, and community as a whole can focus on security and safety.

Valve revealed that some players in the region have been asking for the tournament to continue. However, Valve said that this won’t be possible though they are in discussion with the teams and players to see if there’s a way to conduct the tournament.

Valve ended by saying that they hope to bring back an international audience in the future and wish for everyone in the affected regions to be safe.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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