Dota 2 BTS Pro Series Season 3: Among Us And BOOM Secure Upper Bracket Finals Spots

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Who are you rooting for in this tournament?
Who are you rooting for in this tournament? TNC

It looks like fans are about to get treated to more exciting matches as two divisions in the Dota 2 BTS Pro Series Season are well into the Playoffs. While the EU/CIS regions have yet to actually start matches, the Upper Bracket Grand Finals for the SEA region have already been determined.

It was no question that Among Us would likely clinch one of the spots. Instead, the big question was who the team was going to be facing. Turns out it’s none other than BOOM Esports. Today we look at the journey these two teams took and how they’re going to fare against each other.

At the top of the game

Let’s start with Among Us. Taking their name from a popular game, the team is composed of some of the region’s best players. Their dominance in the Group Stage proved not only how good they are, but how fast the members managed to get some needed chemistry. Out of 18 games played in the Group Stage, the team only lost one.

In the first round of the Playoffs, they faced off against Motivate.Trust Gaming. While it was Neon Esports that handed Among Us their only loss in the Group Stage, it was MG.Trust that made Among Us somewhat work for their win.

In the first game of their match-up, MG.Trust had the upper hand and even had a 13-10 score on team kills. However, just before the 29-minute mark, Among Us initiated a team fight and was successful. After that, Among Us didn’t look back and got the win.

MG.Trust didn't take the loss sitting down and was more careful in the second game, ultimately getting the win to tie the series. Among Us, however, showed just how good they are and didn’t give MG.Trust a chance to recover to get the win and seal the series.

Up and coming star

The other Upper Bracket Finals spot goes to BOOM Esports, one of the region’s rising stars that has had a rather consistent performance in the Group Stage. They managed to get a high spot and in the first round of the Playoffs, faced off against TNC Predator.

While TNC had been showing that it was slowly going back to form in this tournament, it wouldn’t be enough. In the first game, it was all BOOM as they even got the first kill before the one-minute mark. The second game was pretty much similar to the first with BOOM sweeping TNC 2-0.

Our Prediction

In their Group Stage match-up, it was all Among Us. However we don’t think BOOM is going to down easy this time around. It’s likely going to be 2-1 in favor of Among Us.

Lower Bracket

There were also matches in the Lower Bracket and the results were surprising. This isn’t to say the teams that won didn’t deserve it, but rather on how the matches ended.

The first match was Neon against MG.Trust. In the first game, MG.Trust managed to secure the win after almost 40 minutes of battle. The second game took longer, but it still went the way of MG.Trust for the sweep.

The second match was TNC versus NEW Esports. In their meeting in the Group Stage, TNC had the upper hand both times so they had the advantage heading into this one. However, in the first game NEW surprised TNC to get the win. The second game was exciting with a lot of fights, but NEW managed to hold onto their lead to also get the sweep and eliminate TNC.

MG.Trust is set to face NEW Esports in the next round.

What do you think? Is Among Us sure to win the tournament? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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