Dota 2 BTS Pro Series 3: SEA And EU/CIS To Start Playoffs, Quincy Crew Takes Americas

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Look who won the Americas division.
Look who won the Americas division. CR4ZY

Looks like the matches are starting to heat up as the Dota 2 BTS Pro Series 3 enters the Playoff Stage. Actually, only two regions are starting the Playoffs, which are the EU/CIS region and the SEA region. This is because the Americas have already crowned their winner in Quincy Crew.


For those who have been following the Dota 2 esports scene, most of the members of Quincy Crew previously belonged to Chaos before they were released back in March. Since then, they have been showing a strong performance, and with Evil Geniuses making the move to Europe, are more than poised to dominate the Americas.

For this tournament, Quincy Crew took the top spot in the Group Stage, losing only two games out of a total of 18 played. They then pretty much breezed their way to the Grand Finals by sweeping both Team Brasil and Infamous 2–0.

In the Grand Finals, Quincy Crew faced off against CR4ZY, with the latter getting first blood and winning the first match. After that it was all Quincy Crew. It’s worth noting that CR4ZY almost had the third game before Quincy Crew snatched the win away from them.


For the EU/CIS region, mudgolems surprised everyone by taking the top spot in the Group stage after nine days of competition. They were followed by, who is starting to show just how good they are and how they can slug it out with some of the best. Rounding out the Upper Bracket are Ninjas in Pyjamas and Khan.

Meanwhile, for the Lower Bracket we have HellRaisers, 5men, Team Unique, and Team Empire.


Moving to the SEA region, it came as no surprise that new team Among Us took the top spot after the Group Stage. The team had a strong performance and was initially unbeaten before Neon Esports managed to get one win.

Not a surprise as well is that TNC Predator and BOOM Esports are joining Among Us in the Upper Bracket. Rounding out the bracket is Motivate.Trust Gaming. Meanwhile, for the Lower Bracket we have Neon Esports, New Esports, 496 Gaming, and 032.

The surprise in this tournament was Fnatic finishing the Group Stage on the bottom. It didn’t help that the team had to depend on stand-ins in the middle of the tournament. Fnatic lost against seven teams and had a draw with the remaining two.

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