Doom Eternal Patch Notes: Balance Changes Made With Battlemode

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Balance changes are here.
Balance changes are here. Bethesda

Doom Eternal released an update which introduces some balance changes to Battlemode. There are different sets of changes coming for the PC and the console versions of Eternal.

Before we begin with the update, Battlemode is a PvP feature offered in Doom Eternal. However, unlike other games, Eternal handles PvP differently. The game itself has players take the role of a Slayer going against a horde of demons. In this mode you have one player take the role of the Slayer and two others playing as demons. If both demons die, then the Slayer wins. Of course, if the Slayer dies, the demons win. If a demon dies and the second teammate is still alive for a certain period of time, the dead demon respawns at half health to fight again.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the what different changes are included with the new update:

  • PC Changes
    • Revenant
      • Rocket Barrage
        • Ability cooldown increased to 30s from 18s
        • Self-Damage scale increased to five from 0.5
        • Direct Damage for each rocket decreased to one from three
        • Max splash damage increased to six from four
        • Min splash damage increased to four from two
    • Pain Elemental
      • Soul Shield
        • Ability duration to 4s from 3.5s
      • Instant Resurrect
        • Ability cooldown increased to 120s from 90s
  • Console Changes
    • Slayer
      • Ammo
        • Increased energy cell ammo from 200 to 225
        • Increased shotgun shell ammo from 16 to 20
        • Increased rocket ammo from nine to 12
    • All Player Demons
      • Instant Resurrect
        • Ability cooldown increased to 150s from 90s
      • Team Heal
        • Heal amount reduced to 20% from 25%
        • Ability cooldown increased to 120s from 90s
      • Re-Summon AI Change
        • When Player Demons re-summon AI, they now drop shotgun ammo for The Slayer

Known Issues

The issues being looked at mainly involve Revenant and the upgrades made to the character. The first is on Unstable Trigger which states that “Your Rocket Barrage ability refreshes three seconds quicker and shoots more rockets.” This has since been found to be inconsistent with in-game behavior, especially after the latest balance changes. A similar issue has been found as well for Acrobat. Its description reveals that “Your Jetpack has 40% more capacity, recharges one second sooner after touching the ground & Afterburner no longer has a penalty for running out of fuel.”

There is also that same inconsistency with Revenant’s Demon Onslaught, which has a description that states “Increases your damage output 25% for 10 seconds.” In addition, No Armored Buff status messages appear when it is activated.

Finally, there is also the Instant Resurrect & Team Heal for all Player Demons. The main problem is that because the current ability cooldown values is now three digits, the UI doesn’t display the full cooldown. This is going to be fixed in an upcoming patch.

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