Doom Eternal Was Delayed Due To Fallout 76’s Poor Reception

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It’s no secret that Fallout 76 wasn’t well received in the gaming community. However, we have to give credit to 76 where it’s due. According to Bethesda's Senior VP of Global Marketing and Communications Pete Hines, the bad reception of Fallout 76 was the reason that Doom Eternal was delayed. The delay was to make sure that Bethesda didn't repeat the same mistake. The extra time was spent on polishing the game.

The delay was impactful on both Eternal and the Fallout 76: Wastelanders expansion as they missed their previously set Holiday release. However, Bethesda acknowledged that their games wouldn't be ready and decided to delay them. This decision was definitely a good call, as we know how good Eternal was at launch. The game received high critical reception from both fans and critics. You can even check out our review of Doom Eternal over here.

“The fact that something doesn't go well; I mean, you never want it to not go well, but that shouldn't be your criteria for, ‘Should we have tried this’, It is your criteria for how you should do things differently.” Hines said to USGamer. “I think it certainly had an impact on how we evaluated Doom Eternal and [Fallout 76: Wastelanders] last year, and we said, ‘These are not ready, and we're not going to make another mistake, and we're going to take the extra time even though that time hurts, and is painful, and you miss a holiday.’”

Hines also talked about Arkane Studios' upcoming game, Deathloop. He said that it’s good that developers are broadening their horizons and are experimenting. “Even if it's just a one-off and they go back to doing other things, they're still better for the experience, and they take away new learnings, and ultimately I think it makes the individuals better as developers, and it makes the studio better in terms of their overall experience.”

So what do you think? Are you interested in the Deathloop? Or do you want Dishonoured 3 instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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