The Division 2 State Of The Game Recap 1/15 - New Gear System In The Works

New gear system set to arrive.
New gear system set to arrive. Ubisoft

For this week in State of the Game for The Division 2, it looks like it's all going to be about the new gear system. This new system is set to arrive after Episode 3 is released. It's arrival also marks what is going to be a bigger revamp.

Once the new gear system arrives, all gear will be rebooted. In addition, any existing gear is going to be converted to the new system. There's going to be no need for players to worry much since the change is set to happen one at a time.

According to The Division 2 developers, this new gear system is offering these changes:

  • No budget system
    • This means all stats can be rolled at max.
  • New brand bonuses
    • These are going to be aligned with the real playstyles developers have seen players using.
    • Low-popularity brands are set to be revamped.
  • Core Attributes are being added to items. These include:
    • Add weapon damage
    • A Skill tier
    • More armor.
  • Bonus quality indicators
    • These are going to with color-coded meters that show how close each stat is to the maximum value. Examples include:
      • Blue for defensive
      • Red for offensive
      • Yellow for utility
      • God rolls, which are maxed stats, are identified with orange highlights.
  • Build-defining Talents
    • Talents amplify the stats of the a gear like increasing total weapon damage while in cover.
    • This new approach to Talents removes requirements while also limit Talents to appearing on backpacks and chest pieces.
    • Talents themselves become more powerful and allow players to create builds around key Talents.
  • Easily identifiable attributes
    • These are going to let players build out gear sets with pieces that complement each other.
    • Instead of Talents, current named items now have attributes above the maximum level.
  • Gear sets are being reworked
    • Chest and backpack pieces come with amplification Talents that bring up the level of the gear set effect.

According to Ubisoft, the new system is being implemented in order to partly address these issues:

  • At a certain point, getting usable things feels too rare.
  • Item stats, talent availability, and other factors are not always easy to understand.
  • Players end up keeping too many items in storage because they don’t offer an immediate or clear advantage.
  • The rush of seeing a god roll diminishes, in part because it can be difficult to understand what a god roll is.
  • Players are getting too much of everything; the current gear system allows for too many builds with consistently high stats, rather than builds with interesting trade-offs.

Priority Alerts

This week, The Division 2 also revealed that more work is needed for resolving the issue of invisible walls. For those wondering, it's not going to be ready even when Episode 3 is released in February. In addition, the development team finally found out why NPCs keep getting stuck and they are currently working on a fix. Finally, there is an issue that resulted in some players getting stuck in the UI and unable to respawn when downed in the Dark Zones. Unlike the issue of invisible walls, this is going to be fixed with the Episode 3 patch.

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