Learn More About The Division 2’s Optimization Station

Get the best out of your gear.
Get the best out of your gear. Ubisoft

The Division 2 will launch Title Update 12 on December 8. Lots of new things and changes will arrive, particularly to The Summit. The update will also serve as the return of the Optimization Station. For those familiar with the game, it was first released during Update 1.8. Today, we take a look at what this feature can do.

When TU12 goes live, the Optimization Station is in a new menu accessible through the Recalibration Station. It needs some resource currencies to function. But once operational, players can improve gear Attribute beyond their current rolls to the upper limits.

Players, for a price, can top off attributes to 100% of the maximum value. They can even bring items up to par. Via optimization, high-end, exotic weapons, and gear sets can benefit from the station.

The Attributes themselves are optimized in tiers. Each tier represents a new value of the attribute as a percentage of the maximum value. It should be around 10% per tier and have a cap of 100% at tier 10. Take for instance a Skill Damage attribute at 3.7%. This can be optimized to tier 4 resulting in 4% or tier 5 for 5%.

Overall, each item’s attribute can be optimized individually. The cost, meanwhile, is based on the tier of optimization.

Here are some extra details of the optimization:

  • Item-Type Deconstruction Materials
    • These are materials gained from deconstructing other gear of the same type.
    • Only high-end, Exotic, and Gear Set items give this material.
  • Control Point/Landmark Materials
    • These can be earned from completing:
      • Control Points in the LZ
      • Landmarks in the DZ
      • higher floors of The Summit
    • The amount yielded per activity scales directly with game difficulty.
  • Faction Materials
    • These are found from enemies coming for the different factions.
    • The amount of this material that drops also scales directly with difficulty.
  • Project Materials
    • These materials are obtained from completing Daily and Weekly projects (PvE and PvP).
    • It should be rather obvious that Weekly Projects hand out substantially more materials than Daily Projects.

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