The Division 2 Overhauls The Summit With Title Update 11.1

Hollywood Global Event starts today.
Big changes to The Summit.
Big changes to The Summit. Ubisoft

The Division 2 launched Title Update 11.1 today, which brings an overhaul to The Summit. The update makes changes to the Directives and Difficulty and even offers a new Summit experience. There’s also improvements to Targeted Loot and Threat Scaling.

The Summit was a new game mode added to The Division 2 with Title Update 11. It has players climb a building one floor at a time and clear out enemies on each floor. The goal is to reach the 100th floor to take on the final confrontation. Learn more about The Summit here.

Let’s start with Difficulty. With the update, players can now choose Difficulties from Normal to Legendary. When it comes to Directives, players can now choose from all nine released Directives. However, it is advised that players limit themselves to five active Directives.

What TU 11.1 really brings to the table is that players can now scale up their customized Summit at their own pace. Here are the details:

  • All players initially start at floor 1 of The Summit.
  • Progress is now saved more frequently at each elevator players encounter.
    • Instead of the old Rally Points, Players now resume where they left on subsequent playthroughs.
    • For example, they can stop at floor 38 and then the next day continue from the elevator at floor 37.
  • After players finish floor 100, they restart their next Summit attempt at floor 1.

For co-op play, the game saves the maximum of the player’s previous checkpoint and the current session's. Say for example a player previously had a save at floor 60. If they matchmake and finish floor 95 with a group, they continue at the elevator on floor 93 on their next playthrough. Now suppose a player has a save at floor 81. If they matchmake and finish at floor 34 with a group, they can continue to the elevator on floor 81 on their next playthrough.

Here are the other changes coming to The Division 2 with this new update:

  • Targeted Loot
    • At any point while in The Summit, players can open the Mega-Map and set their personal Targeted Loot.
      • For their allocation players can select from weapon types, gear slots, mods, brands, and gear sets.
      • The Targeted Loot selection within The Summit is personal.
        • This means each player in a group of four could have a different allocation chosen.
  • Threat Scaling
    • The higher a player climbs in The Summit, the more likely they are to encounter tougher enemies.
      • The chance for enemies to spawn as veteran or elite gradually increases per floor.
      • Lieutenant Squads occur more frequently as players ascend The Summit.
      • The Boss floors (10, 20, 30,...,90) feature multiple named hostiles on higher floors.

You can view the complete patch notes for Title Update 11.1 here.

New Event

The Hollywood Global Event for The Division 2 officially starts today. This is the perfect way to take on different challenges, test and refine your skill builds, and earn event rewards. This is because your enemies get shields that protect the and reduce incoming damage from typical weapons. However, this same shield explodes and deal significant damage when destroyed through explosions, EMPs or Specialization weapons.

Test your skills.
Test your skills. Ubisoft

Like with any Global Event, new challenges are offered each day for the first four days of the event. Complete challenges in order to earn different rewards, gear chaches, and more.

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