The Division 2 Title Update 12: Here’s What You Can Expect

Look like another big update is here.
Look like another big update is here. Ubisoft

The Division 2 announced that it’s more than ready to launch Title Update 12 on December 8. The update will deliver new content as well as improvements to the game. Today, we looked into what this new update has to offer.

One of the things that players can look forward to is the return of the Optimization Station. This is accessible through the Recalibration Station. What it does is to let players make the most of their gear. The returning station optimizes gear stats to their maximum value.

The Summit Challenges

Title Update 12 will introduce Challenge to the game’s The Summit. There are new objectives too, which will give fresh rewards.

The Challenges come in two categories:

  • Tactical Challenges
    • The challenges here are combat-oriented. These include:
      • Getting a certain number of headshots
      • Destroying enemy weak points
  • Ascent Challenges
    • The challenges here follow a progression and difficulty-focused. Examples are:
      • Clearing three floors within a single session
      • Completing a boss floor with six Directive actives and no Agents downed

At any given time, players can have one Tactical Challenge and one Ascent Challenge. Once floor 100 is reached, all completed challenges will be reset. Incomplete Challenges maintain their progress. It’s also worth noting that the Challenges are player-specific. That means other members of the group could have different Challenges.

Players who complete Challenges will earn rewards, including:

  • XP
  • Targeted loot items
  • Summit Challenge caches
  • Contains materials for Optimization and Recalibration of gear.

That’s not all. Players will get rewards based on how many Challenges they've completed like:

  • 5th: New Exotic Assault Rifle (One Time Reward)
  • 20th: Named Item Cache
  • 30th: Exotic Cache
  • 10th, 20th, 30th: Blueprint + Specialization points each

Challenges are not the only addition. Title Update 12 adds enhancements as well to The Summit. These include:

  • New Commendations
    • Summit Challenge Distinction
      • Finish 20 Summit Ascents, having completed at least 5 Challenges.
    • Summit Discovery Merit
      • Open the locked crates hidden throughout the floors of the Summit.
    • Summit Service Distinction
      • Complete 30 hours of service in The Summit.
  • Targeted Loot
    • In order to make The Summit to feel more rewarding, each unlocked checkpoint now awards players with a Targeted Loot item that’s based on the selection and its quality scaled based on the difficulty.
    • Checkpoints occur every 3 floors, or on floors 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, ..., 96, 99, 100.
  • Rogue Encounters
    • Title Update 12 makes adjustments on how often Rogue Encounters happen in The Summit.
      • For example, on Legendary Difficulty the chance for encounters is increased.
    • The cooldown between the possible Rogue Encounters has been lowered as well.
  • ​Objectives
    • A new objective category has been added along with increased variation for the existing objectives.
    • The frequency of specific objectives has been adjusted as well.

New Gear

A new update obviously means new items and, in this case, players can expect new gear. Some of the gear arriving include:

  • Exotic Assault Rifle: Capacitor
    • This is a skill-based weapon that add stacks which increment skill damage.
      • Each Skill Tier grants extra damage to the rifle.
  • Exotic Shotgun: Scorpio
    • This fast-firing shotgun stack status effects on enemies.
    • It starts with poison and ends with additional damage.
  • Exotic Holster: Waveform
    • This Holster adds stacks to increment skill damage but in higher quantity and with the addition that it transfers between that player’s skills.
  • ​Gear set: Rigger
    • This set lets players make the most out of their skills and focused on faster deployment and lethality.
  • ​Skill Variant: Achilles Pulse
    • The pulse reveals the weak points of enemies and allows players and their team to focus on enemies and bring them down with extra damage.

Additionally, the upcoming update will offer these goodies:

  • new Empress International brand set
  • new standard weapons PDR and Tactical .308 together with their named counterparts
  • Test Subject and Scalpel
Pump up the action.
Pump up the action. Ubisoft

Other Improvements

What else can players expect with Title Update 12? In a blog post , The Division 2 development team said they “wanted to introduce features and improvements which have been requested by our community.” The team cited the suggestion of being able to wear masks even while out of contaminated areas. The good news is, once Title Update 12 drops, that request is possible.

Here are the other improvements arriving with the new update:

  • Picking up skills
    • Players can now pick up their deployed Turret.
    • When it comes to the cooldown, any power left is then added to it.
  • Inventory Size Increase
    • Inventory size is increased to 150.
  • ​Loadout Slots Increase
    • The number of stored loadouts is to 16.
  • ​Mod filters
    • Players can now filter mods with:
      • Offensive
      • Defensive
      • Utility

What do you think? Are you excited about this update?

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