The Division 2: Escalation Apparel Event Has Begun

Title Update 18.2 Ubisoft

The Escalation Apparel Event in The Division 2 is now live. In this event, players can collect 33 new cosmetics, including new outfits for Birdie, Dunne, Conley, Ward, and Espinoza, as well as a new uniform for Johnson.

Event Mechanics

The new Escalation Apparel Event is open to all players who have the Warlords of New York expansion, with the New York campaign already completed. Upon login, they will get a free Apparel Event Key, which can be used to open Apparel Caches that contain the cosmetics mentioned above.

Escalation Apparel Event Ubisoft

Players can get keys in a variety of ways. They can earn an Apparel Event Key for every four SHD (Strategic Homeland Division) levels for free. Players are also awarded three keys just for owning the season pass. Plus, the keys can be purchased (or gifted) using Premium Credits.

Furthermore, The Division 2 players get additional rewards for completing the following:

  • Bunny No No Backpack Trophy: for completing the "Espinoza" outfit
  • Johnson Glasses: for completing the 5 event outfits
  • Johnson Gloves: for completing 5 event outfits
  • Johnson Uniform: for Cache completion (must be earned during the event)
Escalation Apparel Event Ubisoft

The Escalation Apparel Event is now underway and will end on July 25. Once it closes, players have one week to spend all of their unused keys before they're gone forever.


Ubisoft also released Title Update 18.2 recently which brought plenty of bug fixes. Here are some of the notable ones:

Gear, Weapons, and Talents

  • Fixed the issue that prevented The Determined Talent and its Perfect version from triggering after restarting any mission with the Talent being active
  • Fixed the issue where TODO items would show up in the game
  • Fixed the issue with The Unbreakable Talent and its Perfect version not functioning as they supposed to after being triggered once, no longer repairing the agent's armor upon breaking
  • Moved G28 MMR from Rifle to MMR category at the Crafting Station.
  • Fixed the issue with the Habsburg Guard Brand Set pieces and its Named items missing requirement for any "Habsburg Guard Materials" for crafting at the Crafting Station
  • Fixed the issue with the reload animation for The Capacitator Exotic Assault Rifle
  • Fixed the issue that allowed deconstructing following Brand & Gear Sets' blueprints dropping from level 4 Control Points' Supply Room caches:
    • Uzina Getica Brand Set
    • Brazos de Arcabuz Brand Set
    • Habsburg Guard Brand Set
    • Umbra Initiative Gear Set
    • Hotshot Gear Set


  • Fixed the issue with Nemesis spawning again after initially being killed following a player revival
  • Fixed the issue with the Weekly Descent Projects resetting 8 hours earlier than the rest of the projects.
  • Fixed the issue that caused players to remain in the group after disconnection while interacting with the menu


  • Fixed the issue with the "Show Mask" button not registering the "Hold" input from a controller
  • Fixed the issue with the "Hide Signature Weapon" button not registering the "Hold" input when using a controller
  • Fixed the issue with the "Stop Matchmaking" button remaining inactive while matchmaking for any Bounty
Escalation Apparel Event Ubisoft

So, will you farm keys for the Escalation Apparel Event now happening in The Division 2?

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