Disintegration Free Weekend Now Live, Update 1.02 Released

Disintegration Private Division

Disintegration's free weekend is now live. The game is free-to-play from today, July 30, to August 2 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. There is also an on-going sale right now on all platforms. If you liked the game then you can purchase it with a 40 percent discount, and of course, your progress will carry forward.

Disintegration Photo: Google

That’s not all. To make the player’s experience even more better. The devs at V1 Interactive released a small patch that fixes some annoying bugs. Some VFX changes were made and the UI was slightly improved. Gravcycles in both SP and MP have been made more responsive and returning to matchmaking is faster. The update also removed the redundant ‘Save Options’ prompt from the Options menu.

A few more tweaks were also made. You can read all about them below and on the official site.

Disintegration Update 1.02 Patch Notes

  • Tuned gravcycles in campaign and multiplayer to feel faster and more responsive
  • Fixed a bug that caused ties in Retrieval matches when the score is 3 to 3, and the last attacking team captures their cores faster overall. This situation will now result in a win for the Attackers in Round 2.
  • Updated VFX
    • Minor tuning to Warrior Shotguns firing FX
    • Merc mine deploy radius and detection FX
    • Muzzle FX updates on Warrior, Muertos & Business
    • Updated Mortar Strike and Sticky Grenade detonation FX
    • Updated rocket explosion FX
  • Added UI elements and functionality to allow players to return to matchmaking more quickly
  • Added functionality that no longer closes matchmaking when players try to use console platform dashboard features
  • Removed redundant ‘Save Options’ prompt when player makes adjustments in the Options menu
  • Fixed initial splash screen input prompt (on start-up) to more accurately respond to player input

So what do you think? Will you play Disintegration during the free weekend? Have you already bought the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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