Halo Co-Creator Reveals Disintegration, A New Sci-Fi Shooter

Marcus Lehto and V1 Interactive spearheaded development on this new IP.
A brand-new sci-fi FPS called Disintegration gets its official announcement from Private Division.
A brand-new sci-fi FPS called Disintegration gets its official announcement from Private Division. Private Division

Expect a new player is in FPS town as developer V1 Interactive and publisher Private Division have just announced Disintegration, an upcoming sci-fi, first-person shooter. As included in their press release, we will get a first look at Disintegration next month at Gamescom 2019.

For those who are unaware, V1 Interactive is an independent developing studio co-founded by Marcus Lehto. Lehto was the former creative director for Bungie and the co-creator of Halo, an FPS franchise with a storied record that arguably shaped the first-person shooter genre in the 2000s. On the other side of the partnership, Private Division is the publisher behind the critically acclaimed title Kerbal Space Program, lauded for its uber-realism, extreme difficulty and bringing a new meaning to the genre “space simulation”. It’s also behind two highly anticipated titles, role-playing game The Outer Worlds and third-person adventure survival game from the creator of the original Assassins Creed series, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

A website for the game has already been set up, and shows nothing except a 45 second video as a teaser. The clip shows multiple close-up shots of a ship and its parts while in outer space and inside a hangar, and a couple of moving shots of its weapons while being pushed along by a moody theme. The clip ends abruptly just as the music begins to swell. They could have made the 45 second video a 10 second one and people would probably still be hyped for it, mostly due to the fact that it’s from the creators of Halo.

“We’re lucky enough to work with someone like Marcus, a gaming icon whose creativity has influenced an entire industry. We’ve been with Marcus and the V1 Interactive team since the studio’s inception and have seen the organization grow its talent base throughout our partnership," Executive Vice President and Head of Private Division, Michael Worosz, said in the press release. "As such, we have high confidence in Disintegration, and cannot wait to introduce it as another unique experience that further enhances the Private Division lineup.”

Disintegration is set to release in 2020.

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