Destructible Terrain is Now Available in PUBG: Battlegrounds with the Latest Update

A new way to play. Krafton

The latest update for PUBG: Battlegroundsis here and it's time for a new gameplay experience. That's because it means the new Destructible Terrain feature is officially live.

This new feature was first revealed back in early March when Krafton revealed the 2024 roadmap for the game. The goal for Destructible Terrain was to allow players to have a much-needed breakthrough in certain situations. The studio didn't want it to be simple about environmental destruction but also something that let players develop new strategies and tactics.

Here's what you can expect with the new Destructible Terrain feature:

  • You can now destroy terrain to create cover when engaging in a battle within open areas.
  • The Frag Grenade, Mortar, Panzerfaust, Sticky Bomb, C4, vehicle explosion, and Pickaxe can be used to destroy terrain.
  • The maximum depth of destruction is 1.3m.
  • If you destroy terrain near an externally located wall, the terrain beyond the wall is also be destroyed.
  • Objects within the destruction range are destroyed only if they were previously destructible.
  • Terrain made of concrete, cement, rock, or stone is not destructible.
  • Items in the area of effect won't be destroyed while installed items are converted into dropped items.
  • Folded Shields installed within the destruction range have their durability reduced and deployed Emergency Pickup are not canceled.

Area Modifications

In addition to the new feature, the update also makes improvements to some of the terrain, objects, and environmental elements that's within Rondo. This change was done by taking into account feedback given by players along with thorough gameplay analysis. These include:

  • Lo Hua Xing
    • Reduced the height of the railings in front of the antennas.
    • The statues behind the buildings near the river have been replaced.
    • The railings and windows on the Market's second floor have been removed.
    • Improved environmental objects that obstruct the player's view.
    • Modified specific objects that discourage active gameplay and added new objects.
  • Other Areas
    • A bridge has been added to the South of Rai An.
    • Added new objects and ridgelines to areas with limited cover while also improving the terrain in these areas.
    • Enhanced the textures and resolution of some environmental elements.

What did you think of these changes? You can also check out adjustments made for gunplay here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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