Here's What's Happening in PUBG: Battlegrounds this Year

Exciting changes ahead! Krafton

Krafton has officially revealed the 2024 Roadmap for PUBG: Battlegrounds. For this year, the plan is to push the live service game to new heights while also offering players a new gameplay experience. Players can look forward to significant improvements to allow for a more structure service and enrich the gameplay.

What's coming? For starters players can look forward to destructible map environments. This should a truly dynamic layer when it comes to the tactics and strategy. For example, players can strategically destroy sections of buildings to allow for new attack routes to be opened. They can also construct defensive barriers to secure areas. Players can get a preview of these features in an upcoming update set to be released this April.

Gameplay Adjustments

Krafton also revealed that gunplay updates are scheduled to come out every two months. With this, there should be a more stable ecosystem while also allowing for greater diversity when it comes to choices. To test these features and get feedback from the players, the studio is making it available on "Gunplay LABS." There are also survival-focused items with contents coming out along with special modes refined and even expanded.

To be launched as well are not only new content but also new gameplay system. These are design to escalate tension while at the same time offer fresh challenges. The team vs. team system meanwhile is set to allow players to collaborate with teammates as they compete with an opposing.

New Contents

Future updates are planned to bring new experiences to the game's existing maps. Players don't have anything to worry about since the studio is maintaining the core gameplay while making sure to integrate features and content from new seasons, collaborations, or modes. There are also new collaborations going live this year and it's with some sought-after vehicle brands and unique IPs.

Improvements to be Introduced

Here are some of the other improvements coming to features:

  • Matchmaking Improvements
    • Changes are coming to matchmaking to allow for a more balanced environment in Normal Matches.
    • The MMR (Matchmaking Rating) system is getting some refinements to offer fairer competition among players of similar skill levels.
  • Ranked Overhauls
    • Significant improvements to Ranked play are already in the works to strengthen the connection between Normal Matches, Ranked, and Esports.
  • Unreal Engine 5
    • Get ready for an exciting journey as the game makes the move to the Unreal Engine 5.
  • Anti-Cheat Enhancements
    • Anti-cheat measures are going to be intensified with a plan to expand the focus beyond Ranked play to include Normal Matches and all game modes.

Which plan are you most excited about?

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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