Destiny 2: Update 4.1.0 Now Available; Check Out the Highlights Here

Season of the Haunted
Season of the Haunted Bungie

Season 17 for Destiny 2 has officially begun, and along with it is the release of Update 4.1.0. So, what does this update have in store for you?

There are so many amazing things that have been implemented in Update 4.1.0. Let’s talk about Iron Banner first. One of the notable changes is that power level advantages are now disabled in this game mode. This means that damage dealt and damage mitigation are no longer influenced by power level, making Iron Banner more accessible to new and old players alike.

For activities, the Legend and Master Lost Sector rotation has been updated to include the Nessus Lost Sector. These more difficult Lost Sectors, for those who don’t know, can be completed to gain exotic armor pieces.

The developers also made changes to weapon crafting in Destiny 2. All of the element currencies other than Neutral Elements have been removed. Furthermore, Neutral Elements have been renamed to Resonant Elements.


Iron Banner
  • 4 event challenges have been added when playing Iron Banner
    • These will rotate daily
  • New intro quest added
    • All players must complete this once
  • Bounties and tokens have been removed from Iron Banner
  • Rift returns as a new Iron Banner Seasonal mode
  • Gambit Reputation: Activity completion now awards 75 reputation points from 50
  • Reduced the number of wins needed for the Gold Coins gilded Triumph for the Dredgen Seal from 50 to 30
  • Weapon Crafting
    • The Masterwork visual has been added to crafted weapons. The weapon must be reshaped with an enhanced intrinsic and two enhanced trait perks in order to Masterwork
    • PvP kills will generate slightly more weapon level progression
    • Reduced the amount of time it takes to progress Deepsight mods
  • Reduced the tier-1 damage bonus from 20% to 15% when going up against other players
    • This is specifically to reduce the number of one-hit kills in PvP
  • The Stability weapon stat now grants flinch resistance in addition to its other effects, with a maximum flinch resistance of 10% to 25% depending on the weapon archetype
  • All Exotics that shipped before the Forsaken expansion release now have their kill trackers visible by default
  • Xenophage
    • Increased rate of fire from 100 RPM to 120 RPM
  • Snapshot Sights
    • Increased ADS (Aiming Down Sights) animation speed scalar from 0.5 to 0.75 for Special ammo weapons (i.e., made the speed slower, though Primary ammo weapons are unchanged)
  • Opening Shot
    • Removed the damage falloff scalar
    • Increased range stat bonus from +20 to +25

The full patch notes for Destiny 2 Update 4.1.0 can be found on the official website.

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