Destiny 2 TWAB: Bungie Reveals Future Plans for Light Subclasses Rework

Destiny 2 Void
Destiny 2 Void Bungie

It is a busy week for Bungie. Season 15, also known as Season of the Lost, is now available, and crossplay is in full effect. You can now play with your buddies no matter what platform they use.

Anyway, Sandbox Discipline Lead Kevin Yanes and Gameplay Designer Samuel Dunn have shared some information on how Light subclasses in Destiny 2 will be improved in the future.

Void 3.0

The first of the three Light subclasses that are getting reworked is the Void subclass. Yanes said that they will add new abilities and mechanics while spreading out existing ones to help create enticing new combinations.

The reason for this is to keep you playing the subclass as you would normally do, but with new things to help you develop new and exciting play styles.

The devs’ main goals for the Void rework are to preserve the power fantasies and to set up a new framework for systemic integration.

Aside from that, Dunn said that the Void subclass will have new core keywords, which will define its perks and abilities. This will likely be similar to Slow, Freeze, and Shatter verbs used by Stasis.

That said, here are some of the “verbs” that Dunn was talking about:

  • Suppression: Afflicted enemies will not only be knocked out of their current active abilities, but they are also unable to use their abilities and movement modes so long as this status effect persists
  • Weaken: The affected targets will take increased damage and impaired movement
  • Volatile: Targets afflicted with unstable Void energy will explode upon taking additional damage or upon death
POSITIVE EFFECTS or BUFFS (to Oneself or Allies)
  • Void Overshield: Reduces damage taken by anyone protected by the Void Light barrier
  • Invisibility: Vanish out of sight, making you invisible to the enemy’s radar
  • Devour: This has three effects when active. Restore your health completely upon kills, grants grenade energy, and extends the duration of this buff.

Updated Abilities

Void Subclasses
Void Subclasses Bungie

All Void subclasses for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock will receive updated abilities in the future. For instance, the Nightstalker Hunter’s Shadowshot - Moebius Quiver Super will fire two volleys of three Void arrows in a cone, which will seek out enemies, and spawning Void Anchors upon impact.

The Sentinel Titan’s Shield Toss ability will still ricochet off enemies. However, the improved version will also grant a small chunk of Void Overshield for each enemy hit. This should allow Sentinel’s to push aggressively by softening enemies while providing some extra staying power, thanks to the Overshield.

If you want to learn more about the proposed changes to the Void subclass, you can read the official post.

So, what can you say about Void 3.0?

So, what can you say about Void 3.0?

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