Destiny 2 TWAB: Grandmaster Nightfalls Return, More Details on Cross-Save, Bungie Toaster

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie

Bungie has a lot in store for the Destiny 2 community. In “This Week at Bungie,” the developers have stated that the most challenging Nightfall difficulty will be making a return. They’ve also disclosed important information about cross-save, among many others.

Grandmaster Nightfalls Return

Have you had the chance to increase your power level yet? If so, you may have gotten bored because the current content is not challenging anymore. Well, you may want to bring your A-game once again because the Grandmaster Nightfall difficulty is making a comeback soon.

To be eligible for Grandmaster Nightfalls, you must be at least Power Level 1,335. If you have not reached that power level yet, now is a good time to finish weekly activities, raids, and other in-game challenges.

Grandmaster Nightfalls will cycle each week. You will gain some progress points towards Triumph, which helps you get closer to the Conqueror title, by completing Grandmaster Nightfall strikes.

Because the Strikes change weekly, you might miss some of them. Do not worry, though, as all featured strikes will be available through a Grandmaster Nightfall node starting August 3. These nodes are open until the season ends.

Also, starting on July 13, the Grandmaster Nightfall strike will enter a four-week cycle, where players can get a different Adept weapon every week.

In week one, you will be rewarded with Plug One.1. Week two will grant you the Hung Jury. In week three, you will get the Uzume RR4. The last week will feature the Palindrome, Shadow Price, and the S.W.A.R.M as potential rewards.


The game can be played on multiple platforms, so it should go without saying that cross-save makes sense.

While cross-save can now be enabled, there are a few things to take note of:

  • The account that houses all characters you want to use across platforms should be selected as the Active cross-save account.

  • There will be a 90-day deactivation period should you wish to turn this feature off, but this is unskippable.

  • Your Silver and DLCs will not be transferred between platforms.

  • Cross-save is only available on Destiny 2.

Bungie Toaster

The Destiny community is always supportive of the company’s initiatives. Last year, the community was able to raise $800,000 for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during a GCX livestream.

In the livestream, the company announced that if they were able to raise at least $777,777.77, they would consider making a toaster. And, since the community did it, Bungie had to oblige. So, the Destiny Toaster is born.

Bungie Toaster
Bungie Toaster Bungie

You can head over to the Bungie store if you want to increase your RNG by making toasted bread using the product.

New Prime Gaming Rewards

Have you linked your Destiny 2 account to Amazon Prime yet? If not, you should do so right away since the Prime Gaming Rewards have new items in store for players.

If you link your account this month, you will receive the All Alone exotic emote, the Fire Victorious Exotic Ghost Shell, Breakpoint Legendary Ship, and the SV-112 Predator Exotic Sparrow.

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