Destiny 2 TWAB: Boots of the Assembler Returns, Last Chance #SplicerFashionShow, and Women Empowerment

Women @ Bungie
Women @ Bungie Bungie

In “This Week at Bungie,” the developers focused on the return of an exotic leg armor that was previously disabled due to a bug, implementing new raid challenges for Vault of Glass, women empowerment, and more.

The Return of the Assembler

When the Season of the Splicer started, three new exotic leg armors were introduced in Destiny 2. One of these is the Boots of the Assembler.

For those of you who do not know, the exotic armor was disabled for a time because it led to client crashes as a result of a bug.

To give you some context, the armor piece has a unique perk wherein standing on a rift that you’ve made creates “Noble Seekers” that find allies and either heal them or buff their damage (depending on whether it is a healing rift or an empowering rift).

That said, because of the large number of potential Noble Seekers that will spawn, it was too much for the game to handle, which led to crashes.

As a stopgap measure, the boots had to be disabled until the developers could come up with a fix. Now that the devs have arrived at a solution, the Boots of the Assembler will be re-enabled in the next update, along with its original perk.

Raid Challenge Modes

Now that the World First title is awarded to Clan Elysium, other players can have a go at the Vault of Glass raid challenges next week.

Be ready for whatever challenges that may come your way. If you are successful, you will be rewarded with some sweet high-stat armor that you definitely want to have on your character.

In addition, any encounter in the VOG, which has its Challenge Mode active for the week, will also give you an additional chest upon successful completion.

Women Empowerment

Bungie strives for equality and they understand how each person can contribute to achieving the company’s goals.

That said, the company has recently launched its “Women@Bungie” initiative that aims to provide a safe and empowering space for all the women who work there.

You can show your support by purchasing some special collectible International Women’s Day pins at the Bungie's store.

Find the Ghosts

The Gaming Community Expo (GCX) will launch its virtual space station from June 17 to 20. Those who go there have a chance to participate in an event where you will find some dead “ghosts” hidden inside the area.

If you decide to partake in the event, you should create a YouTube video of you finding these hidden ghosts. Collecting all of them will reward you with a special emblem that you can acquire in the game.

Last Chance on the Runway

The #SplicerFashionShow Destiny 2 event is still active but you only have until June 13 to submit your entries.

Remember, if you win, your character’s photo will not only be featured on the company’s social media accounts, but you will also receive a special emblem unique to the event.

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