Destiny 2: Season of the Lost Update 3.3.0 Now Live

Destiny 2's upcoming Battle Pass will feature cross-platform progression courtesy of the new cross-save system.
Destiny 2's upcoming Battle Pass will feature cross-platform progression courtesy of the new cross-save system. Bungie

Destiny 2 just released a massive update. Update 3.3.0 brought a lot of content, bug fixes, and improvements. Along with all that, it also brought incredibly lengthy patch notes. Several changes to Raids, Nightfall, Strikes, and Lost Sector have been made. Several weapons and armors have been balanced and the UI has been improved. Some tweaks to Power and Progression have been done as well.

You can read the highlights of the update below.

  • Vault of Glass
    • Fixed an issue where the Conflux Challenge reward chest didn’t grant Spoils of Conquest.
  • Last Wish
    • Fixed an issue where some players received BIRD error codes when trying to get to the Wall of Wishes.
  • Deep Stone Crypt
    • Fixed an issue where players could defeat Atraks-1 by attacking a Fallen Captain well outside of the playable space.
  • Dungeons
    • Prophecy
      • Trials of the Nine reprisal weapons will now drop from the Prophecy dungeon.
  • The Fanatic has been busy! He has judiciously spawned Overload Chieftains and Unstoppable Abominations to help guard the new Nightfall: The Hollowed Lair.
  • Two new disadvantage modifiers have been added to the Vanguard strikes playlist, for Season 15 only.
  • Added two new Seasonal "advantage" modifiers to the Vanguard strikes playlist.
The Corrupted
  • The Unstoppable Hive Ogre during the Ransack Ogre encounter now moves more freely.
  • Some of the Taken now wield Stasis Boomer weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the throwable objects in this strike would fail to clean up if they were left on the ground after being charged up.
  • Avakrii, Temple Claimant, is now a Champion combatant on Master or Grandmaster difficulty.
Insight Terminus
  • The capture plate encounter halfway through the strike will now always spawn a set number of Champions no matter how long it takes to capture the plate:
    • One Champion on Legend.
    • Two Champions on Master or Grandmaster.
Hollowed Lair
  • The Fanatic's Ravagers now wield Stasis censers, instead of Solar censers.
Lost Sectors
  • Dreaming City
    • All three Dreaming City Lost Sectors are now available on Legend and Master difficulty.
  • Availability
    • Season 15 has a rotation of 11 Lost Sectors available on Legend and Master difficulty.
  • Scavenger's Den
    • The boss of this Lost Sector is now a Boss-type combatant when playing on Legend or Master difficulty.
  • Tooltip
    • Legend and Master Lost Sector descriptions have been reformatted for ease of reading.
    • Legend and Master Lost Sectors no longer have "Destination" modifiers.
  • The following modifiers have all been removed:
    • Memory of a Golden Age
    • Memory of a Bygone Past
    • Memory of a Haunted Dream
    • Memory of a Lonely Outpost
    • Memory of a Frozen Conundrum
    • "Forlorn Miasma" renamed to "Void Burn."
    • "Isolated Flames" renamed to "Solar Burn."
    • "Desolate Charge" renamed to "Arc Burn."

These are just a small portion of the patch notes. The complete changelog can be read on the official site.

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