Destiny 2: Hotfix Saddens Glaive Users Due to Synthoceps Nerf

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Bungie deployed Hotfix for Destiny 2 just recently. This update nerfed one particular exotic gauntlet for Titans, effectively nerfing glaives as a result.

The exotic armor piece in question is none other than the Synthoceps. This thing has the Biotic Enhancement perk, which increases melee lunge range and improves melee and super damage when you’re surrounded.

That said, Hotfix nerfed the Synthoceps’ bonus to glaive damage against combatants and enemy guardians. How bad is it? Well, a Redditor did some testing and the results do not look good, especially for those who want to use glaives over any weapon in Destiny 2.

The Redditor used the Judgment of Kelgorath and Vexcalibur glaives for this test. With the Bionic Enhancements buff active, both weapons only dealt 20,022 damage, making them far worse than the normal punch’s 30,734 damage.

Redditor Atmosck said that you’re literally better off doing a regular punch than using a glaive with the Synthoceps on. Apparently, this exotic gauntlet now only gives a 50% damage buff to glaives, while other melee weapons enjoy a whopping 200% buff to damage.

Unsurprisingly, this nerf did not sit well with glaive users. One such user even questioned Bungie’s decision of nerfing all glaives just because one heavy exotic glaive was too strong with the Synthoceps equipped.


  • Animation changes made to the Data Collection boss encounter in The Variable Exotic mission that had the potential to cause issues with photosensitive players.
  • Increased drop rate for Exotic armor in Legend and Master Lost Sectors when playing solo.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the “Vex Incursion Countermeasures” weekly bounty from resetting at rest.
  • Fixed an issue where players on their alternate characters could not progress the Hall of Heroes intro quest after interacting with the statues early.
    • Any players who ran into this issue may now progress normally.
  • Fixed an issue where some Artifact mods were not properly proccing Anti-Barrier capabilities.
  • Hunters: Fixed an issue where Volatile Rounds granted by the Gyrfalcon's Hauberk exotic chest were not providing Void weapons with anti-barrier capabilities.
  • Armor Scavenger Mod: Fixed an issue where Jötunn would get an unintentional boost in ammo, particularly in PvP, with the Solar Scavenger mod equipped on a player’s chest armor.
  • Strand: Increased the internal cooldown of the Thread of Ascent Fragment from two seconds to four seconds.
  • Strand: Fixed an issue where after a player grappled to a thrown Tangle, the Berserker’s Into the Fray Aspect would fail to activate on further Tangle detonations.
  • Strand: Fixed an issue where the suspending detonation from the Broodweaver’s Mindspun Invocation Aspect was not properly stunning Unstoppable Champions.
  • Solar: Fixed an issue where the radiant effect was not increasing the damage of Strand weapons.
  • Strand: Fixed an issue where the Thread of Generation Fragment would stop functioning after a Silkstrike Super deactivation when either the Shackle or Threadling Grenade is equipped.

So, what is your reaction to the Synthoceps nerf in Destiny 2 Hotfix

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