Destiny 2 TWAB: Root of Nightmares Arriving Today; Bungie Reveals World First Details

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie

The Root of Nightmares raid will be available later today for those who own the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion. Those who are interested in getting the World First title can read further to learn more.

The Race is On

The latest dungeon in Destiny 2 called the Root of Nightmares, open to all players starting later today at 12 p.m. EST. Players must be at 1,780 Power to be at the cap for all of the encounters. As a tradition with World First races, Contest Mode is active for the first 48 hours. This means that players are capped 20 Power below each encounter of the raid. In other words, things get harder as players progress deeper into the dungeon.

Don’t worry, Artifact Power is enabled. However, this only provides benefits up to the cap of 1,790.

It’s also important to note that there are certain pieces of gear that players cannot use during the Root of Nightmares World First race. They are:

  • Grand Overture Exotic Machine Gun
  • Fighting Lion Exotic Grenade Launcher
  • Winterbite Exotic Glaive
  • Jötunn Exotic Fusion Rifle
  • Hierarchy of Needs Exotic Bow
Armor and Mods
  • Citan's Ramparts Titan Exotic Gauntlets
  • Thread of Ascent Strand Fragment (will also be disabled across the entire game)
  • Empowered Finish Armor Mod

The first fireteam to complete the raid, loot the final chest, and return to orbit will be crowned the winner. Because of the influx of players that will try and compete for the title, it may take Bungie some time to validate the winners. The company is going to announce the winning fireteam on the game’s official Twitter page, most likely early next week.


All the members of the winning fireteam are awarded the Root of Nightmares World First title belt.

Root of Nightmares World First Title
Root of Nightmares World First Title Bungie

For those who will not win the title, there’s no reason to be sad because players who complete the raid before March 21 are eligible to buy the exclusive Root of Nightmares raid jacket from the Bungie Store. Furthermore, the corresponding raid pin and Dream Warrior title pin will be available throughout Season of Defiance.

Root of Nightmares Raid Jacket
Root of Nightmares Raid Jacket Bungie

But wait, there’s more! A new round of Prime Gaming rewards is now available. Those who link their Prime Gaming accounts to their accounts will receive the following goodies:

  • Popcorn (Emote)
  • Barebones SL-19 (Sparrow)
  • Andromeda Gleaming (Ship)
  • Defiant Projection (Projection)
  • Falling Stars (Emblem)
Prime Gaming Rewards March 2023
Prime Gaming Rewards March 2023 Bungie

So, are you going to compete for the Root of Nightmares World First title in Destiny 2?

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