Destiny 2 Free To Play, Move To Steam, And Other Massive Changes Incoming

What's next for the legendary company that made Halo?
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Bungie announces its plans for the future of Destiny 2.
Bungie announces its plans for the future of Destiny 2. Bungie

In a post-Activision world, Bungie’s prospects are both looking bright and terrifying.

The company notably ended its 10-year deal with publisher Activision two years earlier than expected; during that time, we saw two titles: Destiny and Destiny 2. As much as I think that the quality of those games is subjective to every player, there’s no denying that the series had its share of controversies, mostly stemming from aggressive implementation of microtransactions.

With the separation from Activision complete, we can now look at what Bungie’s plans are for Destiny 2 in the long run, and it is quite surprising, to say the least. Check out the ViDoc below for a rundown of what to expect moving forward for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

First unveiled at the Google Stadia Connect presentation, Shadowkeep marks the return of Destiny 2 to the Moon, a placed now filled with horrors and terrors. Erris Morn’s visions of her tormented past have returned and unleashed something that once laid dormant on the Moon’s surface. Check out the trailer below.

The expansion is Bungie’s first after its separation from Activision, so it will be very interesting to see how it plays out, at least. You can pre-order the various editions of Shadowkeep here.

Destiny 2: New Light

In one of its most surprising decisions, Bungie has announced that starting September 17, Destiny 2 goes free-to-play. It’s envisioned as this brand-new entry point into the game, where players can play the base game completely for free. You can check out more details of Destiny 2: New Light here.

Destiny 2 on Steam

With the move away from Activision, Bungie is left without a storefront for its PC community. As an answer, the company has announced that starting September 17, on the same day that Destiny 2 goes free-to-play, the game will also rebuild its PC community on Steam. Current PC players will be able to bring all of the contents of their Destiny 2 account from the launcher into Steam, with more updates to be made available as we move into summer. Check out Bungie’s site for it here, for more details.

Destiny 2 on Stadia

This one has been rumored for a few days now, and it seems that it’s true; Destiny 2 is one of the launch titles included with the Google Stadia when the service formally launches this November. In fact, the platform’s Founder’s Edition comes bundled with a complete Destiny 2 package, including all previous content up to the upcoming Shadowkeep. Find out more about the Stadia and its Founder’s Edition bundle here.

Cross Save for Destiny 2

As there is now a plethora of ways to enjoy Destiny 2, Bungie has also announced that starting this Fall, the game will enable Cross Save. This means that any progress you made on one platform can be continued on another, allowing for seamless gameplay. You can check out updates for Cross Save here, and stay tuned with us for all the coverage as more news on Destiny 2 and its future as it develops.

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