Deceit Update Includes Bug Fixes, Match System, and More

Deceit Steam

Baseline, the developer of Deceit, just released an update that fixed some general bugs and made some changes to the game. Innocents will no longer win if a single player escapes. For winning the game, every player has to escape for themselves making the game more challenging for the Innocent players. The FPS is now capped at 60 on the main menu to reduce the CPU load on older systems.

Another cool change made to the game is when the player leaves after being assigned to a team, their action will be considered a loss and cost them ELO points. You can now cap the FPS in-game as well through the game settings. It is now much easier to do than accessing the local files to lock the FPS.

Deceit Patch

  • Innocents no longer automatically win if any Innocent escapes, you now need to escape yourself too.
  • Players who are eliminated after a vote are now electrocuted again.
  • A post-game survey will now occasionally display in the Game Summary screen in order to allow players to easily share their feedback.
  • The FPS in the Main Menu is now capped to 60 FPS.
  • A game setting for capping your FPS has been added, this requires V-Sync to be disabled.
  • Pressing 'V' to Vote is now a toggle, rather than hold. Once you're within the voting interface you now need to click on the option you want, instead of releasing 'V'.
  • In ranked, both Infected are now randomly selected instead of one Infected choosing their partner.
  • In ranked, leaving the game after being assigned a team will cause you to lose ELO.
  • The Double Objective items are now shown in the Objectives list at the top right.
  • The amount of Shotgun ammo given out has been reduced by 2.
  • The outlining for Fuse Box interactions has been made the same for both Innocent & Infected teams.
  • The number of Crate Objectives assigned per floor has been reduced from 7 to 5.
  • To help moderation, the server info at the top right is now larger & also shows during the initial screen.
  • The translations in-game have been updated thanks to our community translators.
  • [FIXED] Some UI text flashes on screen when leaving a game.
  • [FIXED] Some animations (placing a trap, being downed) don't persist when you transform into Terror Form.
  • [FIXED] Players can move during the waking up animation.
  • [FIXED] When spectating the timer at the top doesn't update.
  • [FIXED] Players with long names are able to hide what character they are in-game.
  • [FIXED] Players are able to have blank names.

You can read more about the update here.

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