Deceit's Latest Update Converts Summer Tokens Into Standard Tokens, Complete Patch Notes Here

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Deceit's summer event has now ended, so you are probably wondering that what are you going to do with all of your Summer Tokens and Tickets. Well, don’t worry, as the devs have you covered. The latest patch released yesterday will convert all of your Summer Tokens to Standard Tokens. Your Summer Tickets will also convert into Standard Tickets and Credits, however, the exact amount will depend on rarity.

Matchmaking has been improved with this update, and some map exploits in Lumberyard are squashed. Players now can use the ‘Q’ menu to mute players while dead or downed. The watch faces of over seven Wristbands have been updated and multiple crash issues were resolved.

Complete patch notes of the post Summer Event update can be read below or on the official site.

Deceit Patch v5.2.0 Change Log

  • Summer Tokens have been converted to Standard Tokens.
  • Summer Tickets have been converted into an amount of Standard Tokens and Credits depending on rarity.
  • Matchmaking now prioritises matchmaking parties of 2+ players with other parties of 2+ size in Casual queues.
  • Matchmaking now attempts to match players of each Rank with others of the same Rank. Prior to this change non-Diamond Ranked players would be matchmade with their hidden ELO.
  • The watch faces on the following wristbands have been updated: Alien, Carbon Fiber, Checkers, Lizard, Rusty, Toy and Wooden.
  • Players can now use the 'Q' menu to view objectives and mute players both whilst downed and dead.
  • A couple of map exploits in the Lumberyard have been fixed.
  • Some QoL fixes have been made to voice chat activation. This means players should be able to easily alternate between voice chats without releasing the previous chat's key.
  • Several crashes were fixed in small updates throughout last week.
  • [FIXED] Games containing less than six players will still start.
  • [FIXED] Players are able to 'dodge' the dodge timer.
  • [FIXED] Switching your Terror at the start of the game can cause you to change your equipped weapon.
  • [FIXED] Matchmaking prioritised finding a game for the player who had been in Q for the shortest, instead of longest.
  • [FIXED] Voice chat can get stuck 'on' at the start of a game.
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