Deceit June 26 Update Patch Notes: Exclusive Fullscreen Mode Added

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Free-to-play multiplayer horror game Deceit just got a small patch late last week. The update is mainly focused on improving graphics options and additional features. No new content is added and only a couple of bugs have been fixed. The previous issue with the Exclusive Fullscreen Mode is now fixed, so the feature has been re-enabled. You can choose the new option by going to settings and choosing the ‘Fullscreen’ option for Window Mode. The current Fullscreen Mode can be selected by choosing Borderless Mode. The developers at Baseline recommend that players experiencing performance issues should use the Exclusive Fullscreen Mode option.

The update also resolved the bug where game sound would continue even when you were not playing. The anti-cheat system is also improved and multiple exploits in the Lumberyard map are fixed. This update will be large, but after the update the actual size of the game will reduce by 200MB.

Deceit June 26 Update Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue with Deceit's exclusive fullscreen mode and re-enabled it. This can be enabled by setting your Window Mode to 'Fullscreen'. We recommend that users who are experiencing FPS issues try this setting out as it should improve performance. For those that wish to keep the existing behaviour of the 'Fullscreen' mode we recommend switching to 'Borderless Mode' and setting your resolution to your monitor's resolution.
  • Stopped certain in-game sounds from continuing to play after you've left the game.
  • Further improved our metrics for tracking in-game FPS. This set of changes provides us with more in-depth analysis on how your experience was within the game. Furthermore, it enables us to identify any commonalities between those experiencing performance issues.
  • Identified and resolved an issue that caused our last update to be unnecessarily large. Fixing this problem will unfortunately cause this update to also be larger than usual but will also reduce the game's size on disk by ~200MB.
  • Updated our anticheat's detection logic.
  • Fixed several map exploits on the Lumberyard map.
  • Updated our in-game translations thanks to our Community Translators.

So what do you think? Have you been playing Deceit recently? Is there any other bug that you have encountered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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