Dead Or Alive 6 Is Getting Its Final DLC In Mid-April

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Dead or Alive 6's journey is coming to an end. Released back in January 2019, the game is now over one year old. During its lifetime, DOA 6 received three separate season passes and over 422 paid DLC packs. The game received some flak for its first season pass because it was priced at a mindboggling $93, more than the price of the main game itself.

Recently announced via the official Dead or Alive Twitter account, the game will receive its final patch, v1.22, that adds the last DLC into the game. The patch will release in mid-April and will add High Society Costumes and School Uniforms. It will also have some bug fixes. The game will remain active after the final patch, with online matches, the store, and ranking still available.

Dead or Alive 6's developers also released a small patch to make the game ready for the final DLC. The patch v1.21a overhauls the hair color system, and all premium tickets spent on hair color will be refunded. You can read below to see all the changes made or go to the official site.

  • The hair color change system underwent a large-scale revision: hair color change can be now unlocked on permanent basis for any hairstyle that features it, and includes all available colors (e.g., if you purchase Hair Color Change for Marie Rose's "Long" hairstyle, you will unlock all 16 hair colors for this hairstyle.)
  • All Premium Tickets that were used to purchase hair colors prior to this update have been refunded (e.g., if you have used 5 Tickets to purchase hair colors on v1.20 and v1.21, you will receive 5 Premium Tickets when you apply the v1.21a update.)
  • As a result of the large-scale revision of the hair color change system, all hair color settings have been reset to default.
  • The number of Premium Tickets that can be purchased has been limited to the maximum number of items that can be exchanged for Premium Tickets.
  • Added the information display that shows the number of remaining available costumes and hair colors that can be exchanged for Premium Tickets.
  • Added the information display that shows the maximum number of Premium Tickets required to unlock all available costumes and hair colors.

You can try out Dead or Alive 6 free to see if you like the game or not. The free version will give you access to the Core Fighters.

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