Dead Event: Update 1.8 Invites Players to Love Worm Event Quest

Dead Event Update 1.8
Dead Event Update 1.8 Steam

The latest update for Dead Event invites you to the Love Worm event quest. Update 1.8 also brings some significant changes.

New Event

The Love Worm event quest is now underway and will end on February 28. During this period, you can find some heart-shaped chocolate boxes scattered in-game which contains exclusive items, such as:

  • Valentines Chocolate
  • Mug Of Love
  • Cupids Arrow Set Item
  • Face Of Love Set Item
  • Our first skin for the event "Valentines Day Skin" to test skins

Major Changes

Developer SourJ now devotes their time to the game’s development, so you can expect new content in future updates. That said, Update 1.8 has made some pretty significant changes. For instance, the movement speed for all creatures has been buffed with the same value.

In terms of technical stuff, draggable windows have been added back to the user interface. The developer has also made sure that ground creatures now spend less time in the air when traveling.


  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Fixed some UI overlapping
  • Fixed Bulk Break UI (it works now) you have to click the items in your inventory to highlight them then click bulk break
  • Fixed Refine UI menu
  • Changed the Colony menu UI
  • Smashed a bug where it would say "player already logged in"
  • Smashed a bug with life leech ticks reviving player after death
  • Smashed a bug that caused the world chunks to flicker
  • Smashed a bug that caused summons to attack your own herd or colony
  • Smashed a bug that made you lose 5% total growth experience on death instead of 1%
  • Adjusted Prowler Wurm mount collider hopefully it doesn't fall anymore
  • Added colony icons
  • Increased Snek health gain per level from 5 to 25
  • Increased Snek attack speed
  • Added natural 0.001 critical damage per level for Snek and +0.5 dexterity per level
  • Increased Snek skill Sneak attributes and stats also gave it duration per level
  • Doubled the size per level for Snek (it's bigger)
  • Nerfed Serpenn skill Hide base duration and duration per level
  • Aeiou Crab skill Shell Reflect now gives duration per level and reduces the cooldown per level
  • Fixed Aeiou Crab skill Claw Smash to actually stun now and deal more damage
  • Fixed Aeiou Crab skill Magma Grip stun duration and increased damage
  • Improved creature physics
  • Increased gravity on ground creatures
  • Added health bar on the bottom of monsters

Dead Event Update 1.8 is available on PC.

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