Dead Event: Update 1.7 New Playable Haalk and Balancing Changes

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Dead Event is an open-world survival MMORPG where you grow up as a creature. You can choose among 12 different species and engage in a player-based ecosystem, with up to 100 creatures to be made available in the future. A recent update has been released focused on balancing changes and bug fixes.


One of the highlights of Update 1.7 is a new playable creature called Haalk. This one is a Tank-Bruiser hybrid that gets its level 50 passive unlocked earlier than others.

This update also reduces bonus values and chances on all items. This prevents the issue of some items being too excessive and having the ability to one-shot people with huge amounts of critical damage.

Furthermore, developer SourJ has made huge changes to critical chance, critical damage, block chance, and block damage to make items that contain these attributes more rare and valuable.

The said attributes can still be stacked and the number of gear slots still makes it possible for you to feel their power despite the adjustments. You just have to take the time to farm them, but the developer ensures that it will be rewarding.

Update Highlights

  • Smashed a bug that you needed to relog to join or leave a colony
  • Smashed a bug that colony roles would reset when the leader logs out
  • Smashed a bug where the trees and grass would flicker in the distance
  • Smashed a bug with inventory space needed
  • Adjusted camera wall spring to not make terrain flicker when going downhill
  • Updated some UI like the Hotbar and menu buttons as an experiment
  • Removed Bones from gore craft and lowered the amount to craft to 25
  • Adjusted all creatures' base stats slightly to be more balanced.
  • Doubled the base slot limit to 40
  • Changed the rarity on Fiber from rare to uncommon spawning
  • Changed Meat max stack to 500
  • Increased all Arachnoid monster health per level
  • Fixed the double attacking bug exploit possibly
  • Nerfed all bosses damage and added resistance
  • Removed critical going through block making block viable now
  • Adjusted evasion and accuracy values maybe you will feel evasion now
  • Reworked Wulv Pounce skill to be faster and feel better
  • Adjusted HP decrease when hungry or thirsty
  • Added a confirmation screen when deleting creatures in the menu
  • Added more slots to each pack

Dead Event Update 1.7 is available on PC.

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