Dead Cells: Clean Cut Update Now in Alpha; Introduces New Weapons That Help "Clean" the Screen

Clean Cut Update
Clean Cut Update Twitter/@motiontwin

A new and exciting update for the 2D roguelite action platformer Dead Cells is now available for testing on Steam. The Clean Cut update is currently in the alpha stage but players can now try some awesome content, including new weapons that can help clear the screen of enemies.

The new weapons introduced in the Clean Cut update are the Sewing Scissors and Giant Comb. The Sewing Scissors are a giant pair of scissors that can hit a relatively large area with every swing. What’s cool about the Sewing Scissors is that it instantly slays all enemies it hits, if at least one of them is killed by the attack’s standard damage. The damage of this weapon can be improved by increasing the Survival stat.

The Giant Comb is a new Brutality weapon in Dead Cells that throws the first enemy it hits in the air. This ties in nicely with its special effect, where the weapon deals critical damage to targets that are not on the ground.

This update finally introduced the brand-new Speedrun Mode for all speedrunners out there. This mode is all about clearing the game as fast as possible without worrying about other aspects. That’s why all items, upgrades, and potions are fully unlocked. There’s a permanent timer that will tell speedrunners about their current time as well.

Patch Notes

  • We've added a new “DIY” mode in Boss Rush. With this mode, you can choose whichever bosses you want to face in a run.
  • The 3 bosses from Return to Castlevania have also been added to Boss Rush and Training Room.
  • Enhanced bosses have been tweaked in the Boss Rush.
  • Training Room has multiple new options for you to practice your skills now.
  • Mutations
    • Combo: there is a true combo meter now! The mutation has been changed to enable a damage increase with every melee hit in a 2.5-second window (of course the window refreshes after every hit). It scales exponentially, go crazy with it!
    • Tainted Flask: it can recharge even if your flask is not totally empty. We also added 1 more elite into every biome. It’s kinda experimental, we might revert it at the end, and it’s all up to you the reaction and feedback we get.
    • Networking: you can just mark enemies with ranged attacks now, there doesn't need to be an actual projectile stuck in the mob's body.
    • Berserker: it now stacks (it caps at 90%) and renders you immune to stuns.
    • What doesn't kill you: now grants recovery instead of healing. You have to earn your healing now.
  • Other
    • Slow effect stacks up to 5 times. Each stack has a greater slowing effect, then the affected enemy is frozen at the fifth stack.
    • The Mimic can now appear randomly in shops outside of the Bank biome.

Dead Cells Clean Cut update is currently available on PC via Steam.

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