Dead Cells: Everyone is Here Vol. 2 Brings Beloved Indie Game Characters Back for More Action

Everyone is Here Vol. 2
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The band of indie game heroes is back in the action platformer Dead Cells with Everyone is Here Vol. 2. This update features new outfits that let you play as main characters from Terraria, Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami, Katana Zero, Risk of Rain 2, and Slay the Spire.

These famous characters come with special weapons - each with its own unique twist. The Shovel Knight brings a new brutality weapon called the King Scepter. What’s great about this is that you can dash around and bounce off of your enemies. You can bounce as many times as you like, provided that you land on your enemies’ heads successfully.

Jacket from the famed Hotline Miami lets you borrow his trusty Baseball Bat in Dead Cells. This weapon encourages you to beat your enemies up while they’re stunned or rooted because you deal critical damage when doing so.

Because the game already features a magnificent Katana, developers had a difficult time thinking about what the main protagonist from Katana Zero can bring to the table. Fortunately, they managed to come up with a solution: let you throw things from the ground. These attacks synergize with Subject ZERO’s theme by stunning targets for a brief period, giving you time to close the distance and get some shots in or power up your dash strike for the kill. You only have three charges of throwable stuff at a time, but you can replenish them by defeating the enemy.

Slay the Spire has four main classes and since this is a deck-building game, devs thought that the best way to incorporate these classes into Dead Cells is to create a Diverse Deck. This deck contains four cards that represent each of the classes in Slay the Spire. What makes this weapon unique is that it has a draw, passive, and discard effect, providing you with a one-off boost until the skill moves on to the next card.

There are many weapons available in Risk of Rain 2, but developers chose the Laser Glaive for this collaboration. When used, you throw a seeking glaive that bounces off enemies, dealing increased damage per bounce. The Laser Glaive’s unique effect makes it ideal for crowd control.

While not an indie title anymore, Terraria did start as one. In this update, developers have added the Starfury - a melee weapon from Terraria that summons star fragments from the sky, dealing critical damage to enemies around you. To balance this seemingly overpowered effect, the Starfury’s attack speed is slow compared to the other weapons in Dead Cells.

Limited Bundle

To celebrate the Everyone is Here Vol. 2 Update, the developers offer the Everyone is Here…Again” Bundle on Steam for $50.96, containing Dead Cells and all of the games mentioned above, except Hotline Miami.

So, what do you think of this new update? Which of the new weapons are you going to use?

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