DayZ Massive Update 1.14 Now Live

DayZ Bohemia Interactive

DayZ, the survival game by Bohemia Interactive, received a major update yesterday. Update 1.14 brought tons of new content along with bug fixes. Several changes to the modding and the central economy were made as well. The developer has released the trailer for the update which you can watch below.

As mentioned above, a lot of new things are added to the game including an NV-PCS4 Scope. The LE-MAS assault rifle along with its magazine is introduced. Players can now use an exhaustible gas mask filter. However, equipping a gas mask will slow down stamina regen. Players will not be able to eat, drink, or take pills when they have a gas mask equipped.

We have mentioned the highlights of the update below:

  • Static and dynamically spawning contaminated areas
  • Contamination disease
  • New visual effects when wearing specific headgear
  • A yellow variant of the NBC suit
  • PO-X Antidote
  • NBC infected
  • New animal carcasses (can be picked up):
    • Hare
    • Chicken/rooster
    • Sardines
    • Bitterlings
  • Hare leg and pelt
  • New animation for the stealth kill when using one-handed piercing weapons
  • Gas masks can now be repaired with epoxy putty and the tire repair kit
  • The NBC respirator and the Gas Mask require Gas Mask filters to function
  • The Combat Gas Mask has a limited, integrated, non-exchangeable filter
  • Improved targeting of melee combat to be more forgiving
  • Tweaked the look of the Russian helicopter crash-site
  • Helicopter crash-sites now emit sounds upon spawn in the surrounding area
  • Tweaked the smoke quality of crash sites to make them more visible
  • Adjusted collision geometry of the Machete
  • Horticulture plants are now moving in the wind
  • Cholera now causes fever
  • Food poisoning now causes fatigue
  • Salmonella now causes light pain
  • Night-time acceleration period adjusted to only influence actual night-time
  • Reduced the size of the NBC clothing when stored in the inventory
  • NBC clothing can now also be repaired with the tire repair kit
  • It is no longer possible to build a stone oven if it would be clipping with a large item
  • Two-handed and non-piercing weapons are no longer suitable for stealth attacks
  • The overheating effect of firearms appears later
  • Boiled food will no longer burn from boiling
  • Baked and dried food can be boiled without burning
  • The mackerel now yields two fillets
  • Adjusted the mackerel filet model
  • Water in fountains and metal troughs is now visual only
  • Updated the credits

You can read the complete patch notes from the official site.

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