DayZ Update 1.12: Big Changes on Player Versus Infected Combat & PVP

Be ready for some exciting changes.
Be ready for some exciting changes. Bohemia Interactive

DayZ received Update 1.12 which introduces improvements to combat mechanics. In particular, the new update makes an impact on both players vs. infected and player vs. player combat. Players can also expect balancing changes to current firearms like new weapons and items being introduced.

Now before we get into the changes to combat, let's start with the new weapon. Update 1.12 is introducing the Pioneer, bolt-action rifle with a five-round 5.56×45 millimeter magazine. This weapon is a good addition to police areas in Chernarus and Livonia. Players will see two new exotic knives: the Fange and Kukri.

Combat Changes

The biggest part of this new update is related to combat mechanics. In general, infected are deadlier when up close because the frequency of their attacks has been increased along with higher resistance against melee attacks. On the side of players, they need to use heavier weapons when going melee against the infected.

The update also tweaked the senses of the infected making them react slower to nearby noises. This is good news for players who prefer stealth kills. Moreover, using suppressors now lets players make kills without getting the attention of other infected in the area.

Plus, the infected now leave their target if they lose it and no longer attack unconscious players.

Weapons Changes

Update 1.12 adds some balancing changes to firearms to increase diversity but keeping their rarity. One such improvement is on non-automatic rifles being more precise and stronger compared to automatic rifles. Smaller caliber weapons have been improved so that the noise they make is now more difficult to hear from a distance.

The changes in weapons also modified ammunition properties. For instance, shock differences are now present between individual ammo types.

Other Changes

Update 1.12 made important changes as well to the nutritional values of all food items. A total of 13 new food items are added to the game. It’s not the good news that you expect it to be though. Many of the new food items are low in nutrition which means they only give short-term energy supply. This lets players get from one area to another but won’t support long trips.

You can read the complete patch notes for Update 1.12 here.

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