DayZ Game Update 1.13: Testing Changes for Infected AI

Be ready for some interesting changes.
Be ready for some interesting changes. Bohemia Interactive

Some big plans are being made for DayZ and a large part of it seems about AI iteration for the infected. This is part of the experimental build of Game Update 1.13, now available on both Xbox and Steam.

The DayZ team revealed that for this experimental release, they’re testing a new approach called “DayZ Inland.” This is a setup where players are given a head start like spawning more inland and having better gear.

Going back to the game update, here are some of the changes players can expect:

  • A stealth approach is more viable because of:
    • Increased noise dampening
    • Less ability of the infected to hear noise through obstacles
    • Lowered noise from a player’s couch sprint
  • Infected are now attracted by:
    • Smoke grenades
    • Flare gun flares
    • Fireplaces
    • Explosions
  • Infected now more likely to leave the position of unconscious players.
    • This should prevent the rather frustrating repeating cycles of being unconscious.
  • ​The range that an infected can call for help from a nearby infected is reduced.
  • All infected attacks are now blockable.
    • Overall infected attack speed has been lowered.
  • ​The damage and bleeding chances dealt by different infected types have been balanced.
    • Now scaled based on player progression.
  • ​New types of infected to be introduced.

New Weapon

Game Update 1.13 is also introducing the M16-A2 assault rifle which has the burst fire mode. The team mentioned that they are hoping to receive feedback on how the burst fire mode works. The default setting is to hold down fire to shoot a full burst.

Still, on the issue of weapons, the team is also looking into the different weapon attachments as well as adding more pronounced differences between them.

Get Infections

The update is bringing new game mechanics where there is now a chance for wounds to get infected. This means players should now be more aware of what items they use to treat wounds. There is now a new label on the items which display their disinfected state. In addition, when disinfected items are damaged, it removes the state and needs to have disinfectant applied again.

You can view all the changes coming here.

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