Day of Dragons: Gives All Players Access to the Flame Stalker in Beta Patch 1.M.1

Beta Patch 1.M.1
Beta Patch 1.M.1 Twitter/@Beawesome_Games

The Flame Stalker Dragon is now available to all players in Beta Patch 1.M.1 for Day of Dragons. This update also brings gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

New Dragon

The fiery Flame Stalker is the second starter dragon introduced in the latest beta update. This carnivorous dragon’s main element is fire. It is relatively fast and powerful compared to the likes of the Inferno Ravager. While the Flame Stalker relies on its melee-based abilities to deal damage, it can launch a fire breath attack as well. The latter inflict fire damage over time to any foe unfortunate enough to be covered in flames.

In addition, the Flame Stalker has this amazing Thermal Sense ability where it can see all warm-blooded creatures in its peripheral vision. This ability may even be used to spot invisible units like the Shadow Scale dragon. While Thermal Sense is useful, it does have one drawback in that it may obscure the heat signatures of other creatures when used in a hot environment.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed all reported Flame Stalker skin issues
  • Added Flaming Mushroom to Forgotten Forest
  • Flame Stalker eyes now glow properly in PvP mode
  • Underwater grass can no longer be set on fire
  • Improved Flame Stalker's food detection hitbox
  • Flame Stalker Hatchling and Juvenile emote animations should now blend out properly
  • Flame Stalker can now use heat vision while flying but not while boosting but costs more stamina
  • Slightly increased Flame Stalker fly speed
  • Slightly increased Flame Stalker fire breath damage per second
  • Added new Flame Stalker skins
  • Players kicked for latency now properly get the "Desynchronization" message and should no longer need to restart their game to join the server
  • Players who manage to fall through the map now take damage instead of fall forever
  • Local, Group, Clan chat tabs now show colored text
  • Players who go out of map bounds will now take extreme damage
  • Creatures swimming underwater can no longer be damaged with Fire or Acid damage types
  • Fixed several issues related to desync detection
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a nest sometimes caused a client crash
  • Fixed an issue where opening the social panel sometimes caused a client crash
  • Fixed an issue where accepting an egg invite sometimes caused a client crash
  • Fixed an issue where players with lower specs were being kicked for connection timeout before fully loading into the server
  • Loading flapper should no longer stay on in the spawn menu

The full patch notes can be found here.

Day of Dragons is available on PC.

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