Day of Dragons: Beta Update 1.L Introduces Spined Scarab and Other New Features

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Have you ever wondered what a dragon would do if it was real? Well, even though they are fictional creatures, that doesn’t mean that you cannot play like one. Day of Dragons is an online creature survival sandbox game where you get to rule the world as one of the several dragon species available. Here, you must survive as you will start out as a dragon hatchling. You will live in a huge world filled with multiple biomes that may sometimes pose a threat to your existence. Do things right and you will become the alpha of your species.

Beta Update 1.L has been released and it added new features, including the Spined Scarab creature and a charged shot for Shadow Scales, among others.

New Content

The Spined Scarab is a class 1 AI creature found in the Forgotten Forests. It is small and provides a sure meal for dragon hatchlings. However, do not let its stature fool you as it is not afraid to fight when needed. Though when you’ve grown big, you may have a harder time catching them as they will try to hide from larger predators.

In addition to the new creature, the Thornback Crawlers’ behavior has been changed. Now, if they get injured, these crawlers would flee to their nests. This can be a good thing as you will know where they’re hiding if that happens.

Now for some dragon changes. The Shadow Scale is one of the base dragons in the game. That said, the developers have added a charged shot mechanic to Shadow Scales in this update. You can initiate this attack by aiming at the enemy and then holding down the attack button. While the button is held down, the bile meter goes up. Remember that the higher the charge, the higher the damage and bile cost will be. A fully charged shot, denoted by a brightly glowing meter, deals 300% damage.

Patch Highlights

  • Updated AI spawners and spawn locations
  • Fixed various AI bugs
  • Mutation Survival line now provides Critical Chance, Critical Evasion, Critical Damage, and Critical Protection
  • Mutation Movement line now grants Attack Cooldown Reduction, Critical Chance, and Critical Evasion
  • Mutation Breeding line now grants Critical Damage and Critical Protection
  • Projectile hit detection has been greatly improved
  • Added unique Dragon Carcasses
  • Greatly improved shadows on Very Low and Low video settings
  • Added swamp to "4 ponds" area of the map
  • Relocated some player spawns
  • Added Static Compass game option, players can now have a static compass on their HUD at all times
  • Added a Static Compass opacity option, to adjust how visible the new compass is on your HUD

If you want to read the full patch notes, you can head to the game’s official Steam page.

Days of Dragons is available on PC.

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