Darkest Dungeon II: Suffer No Sin Update Brings Back The Vestal

Look who's joining the roster.
Look who's joining the roster. Red Hook Studios

A new update is now live in Darkest Dungeon II which brings back a highly requested character. Suffer No Sin reinstates none other than The Vestal, putting the total number of playable heroes to 11.

The Vestal was part of the original Darkest Dungeon. However, in this game, she’s a bit more versatile because besides being a "healer-tank," she can now deal significant damage to the back row of enemies. What makes her truly unique is that her healing is tied to her Conviction, letting her smite enemies as her Conviction grows.

Players can unlock The Vestal and get access to her abilities by visiting the Shrines of Reflection and experiencing her backstory, told in five chapters.

Update Changes

In addition to introducing a new playable hero, the new update also makes these changes:

  • Heroes
    • Man-at-Arms: Strategic Withdrawal's heal effect now resolves after Riposte/Hateful Backstab damage, consistent with the heal timing on Crush.
    • Leper: When using Combo to ignore Blind, the Leper will now also remove one of his Blind tokens on a successful hit.
    • Runaway: Fixed an issue where Hearthlight consumed CRIT tokens unnecessarily.
    • Plague Doctor: Indiscriminate Science is now slightly more discriminate. Negative token healing bonus reduced to +5% from +10%.
  • Shrine of Reflection
    • Highwayman's first flashback encounter has been adjusted.
    • Lunging Cuff now applies Combo.
    • Knee Strike now deals +100% DMG vs. Combo.
    • Additional Barks.
  • Combat
    • Damaging skills that natively ignore Block, Dodge, or Guard (e.g. Pick to the Face) will now also remove one of those tokens on a successful hit.
    • Adjustments to Daze and Stun
      • Dazing a target who is already Dazed will now result in a Stun.
      • Daze and Stun cannot exist on the same target at the same time; Stun will always take priority.
      • These rules apply evenly to monsters and Heroes alike.
    • Controlled Burn/Controlled Burn+ now have unique token icons.

Darkest Dungeon II will exit early access on May 8 on both Epic Games Store and Steam. This sequel Darkest Dungeon expands the concept by introducing 3D visuals and a new run-based road trip structure which streamlines the experience without sacrificing the complexity of its systems.

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