Lost Ark February Update to Introduce a New Continent

A new adventure awaits.
A new adventure awaits. Amazon Games

The February Anniversary Celebration Update for Lost Ark arrives February 8. Get ready to explore the new continent known as Rowen, located west of Shushire and filled with Sylmael, crimson jewels that are a precious resource in Arkesia.

Rowen became forgotten from the history of Arkesia after the disappearance of a prosperous ancient civilization. Recently, however, there have been talks going around that crimson jewels are abundant in the land. Now, different factions that want the jewel have started to build their forces.

The Two Factions

Speaking of factions, the neutral ground that is Eliyabeck has lost balance and the land has become divided into Preigelli and Liebertane.

Preigelli was created under the belief that the chaos in Rowen was a result of its indulgences, so strict rules are needed. They were formed by a group of mercenaries who are good at utilizing machines. For the Preigelli, they believe that "Order defeats Chaos every time."

Meanwhile, the Liebertane was formed under the belief that the chaos in Rowen is the result of overly strict rules and restrictions. The group is composed of pirates and mages which values freedom and passion and have one simple rule: "Take as much as you can."

The World Quest

To start Rowen's world quest players need to have item Level 1,445. Once the "Cataclysmic Eliyabeck" world quest is done, players can choose a faction. They then enter a PvP mode versus the opposing faction. The ranks for Factions are divided into 15 tiers which can be earned by joining activities to get Faction XP. Activities include killing the members of the opposing faction and participating in daily, weekly, and co-op quests.

Artist Class

While enjoying the February update, players can also look forward to the new Artist class, originally scheduled for an April launch, now getting a March release. The Artist is going to be accompanied by a Powerpass and progression event similar to previous Express Events. This is to help new Artist mains better prepare for both the Brelshaza Hard Legion Raid and Hanumatan Guardian Raid in April.

Lost Ark is an MMO action RPG released in 2019 in Korea with a worldwide launch in February 2022. The game is mainly focused on exploration and PvE with PvP elements. It’s available on PC.

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