Star Wars: The Old Republic to Tweak Game's Economy in Upcoming Update

Get ready for a new Galactic Season.
It's the economy!
It's the economy! Bioware

A new update is coming soon to Star Wars: The Old Republic that's set to make changes to the game’s economy. The thing is, ever since the game was released, there has been substantial inflation which made it challenging for many players to engage in the game's trade network.

The good news is that changes are coming to correct the inflation. In the upcoming update 7.2.1, here are some of the adjustments:

  • Quick Travel now has a credit cost associated.
    • Minimum cost is 100 credits while maximum cost is at 5,000.
    • The cost to travel is dependent on the distance traveled.
  • Priority Transport Terminal now costs the original planet travel costs to transfer between daily areas.
  • Travel to Strongholds now costs the original planet travel costs to transfer between planets.
  • Repair cost formulas have been adjusted across the game and should result in repair costs increasing in relation to item level.
  • Durability of equipment should now be lost at a lower rate on death, but a slightly higher rate in normal gameplay.

New Galactic Season

Once Update 7.2.1 goes live, it means the start of the next Galactic Season which is A Passage of Peace. Like the previous season, this one brings new rewards that players can earn. There's even a new companion named Amity that's willing to accompany players as they travel across the galaxy.

One new reward that players can look forward to is that they can use their Galactic Seasons Tokens to buy a new apartment Stronghold located on the planet of Mek-sha. For those wondering, the Mek-sha Hideout Stronghold has the same size and scale to the seasonal Fleet Strongholds.

More details on this upcoming season are to be released at a later date.

PvP Season 2

The inaugural PvP season post-revamp is set to end this month. That means it's time to be excited for Season 2 which starts when Update 7.2.1 is launched. Be ready to earn new rewards which are going to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Update 7.2.1 is coming soon to the Public Test Server.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG based on the Star Wars universe available on PC.

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