The Cycle: Frontier Patch 3.0 Introduces Free Loadout Runs

Patch 3.0
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The different factions in The Cycle: Frontier now provide players with something they can use in their adventures to Fortuna III, thanks to the Free Loadout Runs in Patch 3.0.

What Are They?

Whenever players embark on a mission in The Cycle: Frontier, they will be presented with an option to take some free gear provided by one of the three factions.

What’s cool about Free Loadout Runs is that the free gear, as well as the items looted during the mission, are all for the players to keep so long as they’re able to extract safely.

Each free loadout contains basic gear with at least one weapon, armor, backpack, ammo, and some health consumables. Players will occasionally get extra goodies as well, including a second weapon, crafting mats, weapon attachments, keycards, additional consumables, and even helmets.

Players shouldn’t expect much from free loadouts, though. At the end of the day, the ICA, Osiris, and Korolev are greedy factions. While getting green or blue items from free loadouts is possible, they will receive white gear more often than not.

Free Loadout Runs
Free Loadout Runs YAGER

Patch Notes

  • DLSS 3 has been implemented and will be available for those with compatible graphics processors
  • To make them a more exciting end-game challenge, Laser Drills will now be exclusive to Crescent Falls. They may return to Bright Sands again in the future with some balancing tweaks
  • The Crusher Caverns have had a massive overhaul, the caves will now be a significantly more difficult end game activity that will take team coordination and top end gear to survive
  • Prospectors will now take a short ride on the evac ship before fully extracting. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Fortuna III before returning to the Station, but don't get shot
  • New grenade with the Howler shriek contained inside will be craft-able using Howler loot drops
  • Added a new weapon inspection feature with new animations to let prospectors check out their cool skins on weapons and melee sets
  • Players will now have a chance to find weapons with pre-loaded attachments while looting different areas. The rarity of these attachments will determine its chances of spawning
  • Attachments, consumables, and items all have clear numerical values about how they affect different mechanics
  • Prospectors will now have the ability to redeem promotion codes and coupons directly from the game to receive promotional items without going to their store launcher
  • Names and descriptions of armor and helmets are now more descriptive of their functions to better fit with the lore
  • Tharis Island will not be accessible or unlockable by way of campaign missions immediately at the start of the season. As a result, crafting or player upgrades that require items only obtained on Tharis will be temporarily inaccessible until April 19th when the Island will be globally unlocked
  • Player Quarter upgrades received an update to include higher K-mark investment and new recipes for upgrade costs
  • Gear durability and repair costs have been changed to work better with a long-term economy in mind
  • New ammo varieties have been added to the loot pool with unique icon for each variety
  • Fortuna Pass rewards and icons have been updated for Season 3
  • Badum's First Drop and Welcome Packages have received an overhaul to make the experience as good as possible
  • A hard limit of 10 million K-marks have been added to cap the amount of K-marks a player can own at any given time

The Cycle: Frontier Patch 3.0 is available on PC.

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