The Cycle: Frontier - Bunch of Healing Items Rebalanced in Patch 2.7.0

Patch 2.7.0
Patch 2.7.0 Twitter/@TheCycleGame

YAGER Studios is back at it with the first update for The Cycle: Frontier this year. The main highlight of Patch 2.7.0 is that a bunch of healing items has been rebalanced.

The Weak Stim (Common), for example, is available in the beginning stages of The Cycle: Frontier. Previously, this consumable item only heals 15 HP. Now, it can restore 20 HP, though application time is increased from three to four seconds. This is a slight trade-off that you can take since the Weak Stim is readily available early on.

If you need a consumable that restores more HP, you have the Medkits for that. The Weak Medkit (Common) can restore 100 HP, but its long application time leaves you vulnerable when you’re patching yourself up. In Patch 2.7.0, the application time of the Weak Medit has been reduced from 12 to nine seconds.

Anyway, the company has also announced that it plans to implement a fancy news system in a future update. This upcoming feature will provide you with important information regarding The Cycle: Frontier, alleviating the need to visit the official website.

Patch Notes

  • Strider
    • Health reduced from 40 to 35
  • Rattler
    • Health reduced from 150 to 140
  • We have rebalanced our loot tables. This means there is always a slight chance to find higher-tiered items in the containers you loot. Make sure to leave no stone unturned!
  • Uncommon Stim
    • Application time increased 3s > 4s
  • Rare Stim
    • Application time increased 3s > 4s
  • Uncommon Medkit
    • Application time reduced 9s > 8s
  • Rare Medkit
    • Application time reduced 8s > 7s
    • Weight increased 10 > 15
  • We have reduced the maximum amount of Prospectors on Bright Sands by 1.
  • We adjusted the rarity tiers of some weapon skins.
  • As announced on the 11th of January, we will adjust the shop prices for several countries across the world.
  • We have fixed the filters for repairing items, they will not appear empty any longer after filtering.
  • We have fixed a Backpack Insurance exploit! Carry on Prospectors, nothing to see here.
  • The "Contracts" screen panels have stopped to overlap, as we have upgraded the terminals.
  • The number "0000" was removed from the Fortuna Pass screen.
  • The quest Item "The Tharis Files" can't be looted anymore without having the "A Deep Dark Hole" mission active. Don't get greedy and focus on your tasks!
  • Same for the "Osiris Engineer Scanner" from the mission "Race to the Bottom"
  • We fixed the issue that made you unable to shoot your weapon after a heavy melee attack. While swinging your melee weapon can be exhausting, you will never be too tired to shoot your gun!
  • We fixed a small issue with the beginner matchmaking.
  • We updated the Woodcutter Camp to prevent an unintended spot from being reachable.
  • An out-of-bounds area in the Woodcutter Camp got fixed.

The Cycle: Frontier Patch 2.7.0 is available on PC.

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