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Those who are familiar with Cyberpunk 2077 may think of bugs and glitches upon mention. While obviously, the issues are bad, a few of them may actually benefit players like spawning your vehicle in a snap. Yes! Literally summoning your car in front of you, talk about convenience. Normally, the car icon at the bottom left corner of the screen must be blue before you can summon it. When you do, it appears close to your location.

But the “spawn my car” glitch summons your vehicle without delay. Plus, some funny effects happen when you do it. Redditor “u/myqline” is one of those who turned migraine-inducing glitches into advantages. In a video clip, they demonstrated how to enable and use the glitch. The demonstration took place on one of the streets in Night City.

First, they approached a car parked on the street. Next, they paused briefly before activating the vehicle glitch. They jumped into the air and another car appeared out of thin air, the result of the glitch. The second vehicle spawned under the parked car. Because two vehicles suddenly occupied the same space, the game physics created hilarious effects. The purple parked car flies into the air, turns over, and settles on top of the player’s Shion Coyote. How’s that for an entrance!

So, how to enable this car-spawning glitch exactly? Simple! Jump into the air and press the “call vehicle” key while in the middle of the jump. Your car will spawn instantly and will collide with objects like what happened in the clip. No delays and no qualms. Just jump and press that spawn button!

This isn’t the first game by CD Projekt Red that showed the same bug. In The Witcher 3, Geralt’s horse could be summoned out of nowhere as well. The iconic similarity might be something intended by the developers. Regardless, the instant car spawning in Cyberpunk 2077 might go away once the developer released the two major patches scheduled this month and the next.

Other Redditors who saw the video clip commented on the glitch’s ability to weaponize any vehicle. Got rewarded by a new vehicle? Grab it and summon it in front of everyone. Luckily, your car doesn’t seem to explode or get damaged if spawned correctly.

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