Cyberpunk 2077 One-Click Tool Promises Up to 30 FPS Gain

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Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t playable on all platforms. Many players are having trouble with low frame rates. But the developer, CD Projekt, made a promise. Two major updates are set in January and February next year. These patches may contain the most-awaited fixes for game instability and low FPS.

Cyberpunk 2077 FPS Optimizer

Since the updates are several weeks away, certain individuals developed their own solutions. CodeZ1LLa is among them. In his YouTube channel, he released the EZ Optimizer tool for Cyberpunk 2077. The coder claims it could boost the game’s frame rates by up to 30 FPS. If you’re one of those afflicted by low FPS, this tool might be for you.

The tool’s author explained that EZ Optimizer adjusts hidden developer settings. It reduces image fidelity to boost game performance, resulting in FPS gains. However, the tool’s efficiency isn’t proven yet across all scenarios. So, you may need to do some manual adjustments yourself to see the effects.

Fortunately, the software is easy to use. You only need to move the executable file to the root folder of Cyberpunk 2077 installed on your PC. But is it free of malware? VirusTotal scanned the tool and only flagged specific areas. EZ Optimizer triggered the anti-cheat systems in VirusTotal. This happened because the software edits some of the game files. Still concerned? Other major antivirus engines like Avast and Kaspersky gave it a pass.

EZ Optimizer’s Quick Options

For convenience’s sake, the author included four options players can choose:

  • Max Boost: It gives the highest possible image fidelity while boosting performance. It’s highly recommended for GeForce GTX 1060 and lower.
  • Balanced: It provides a good balance between image quality and performance. This preset supports GPUs between GeForce 1070 Ti and GeForce RTX 20 series Turing. You may want to try this before going for the max boost.
  • Default: This resets the changes. The game will use the default configuration.
  • Disable Async Compute: This is for boosting the performance of GeForce GTX SKUs. It’s not suggested for Nvidia’s newer RTX models.

While the tool shows promise, its effects differ from system to system. The tool will still depend on your PC’s specifications. Thus, upgrading the CPU, GPU, and memory is the best solution to crank up FPS.

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