CS:GO's Latest Update Add Sirocco Map To Danger Zone

New items and ping system introduced.
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CS:GO Danger Zone: Sirocco Map
CS:GO Danger Zone: Sirocco Map Counter-Strike.net

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released an update to its Danger Zone mode. The update adds the new Sirocco map.

For those not familiar, Danger Zone is CS:GO’s entry to the Battle Royale genre which was released back in December 2018. The mode offers Solo or Duo games. Solo has 16 players per game, with Duo having 18 players each game. On its release, Danger Zone offered a single map: Blacksite.

Danger Zone also featured new weapons, along with new mechanics that are new experiences for the Counter-Strike series. For example players can pick up Armor and C4. New weapons include, among others, Hammer, Axe, FireBomb, and Breach Charge.

With the new Sirocco map, players now get a chance to respawn anywhere on the map provided that their squad has not been eliminated. The update also offers players to pick starting items that fit their playstyle.

ExoJump Boots
ExoJump Boots Counter-Strike.net

New items include the ExoJump Boots, which allow for a higher jump. All that players need to do is hold the jump to boost off the ground. Pressing crouch prior to jumping results in a long jump.

Another new item that players are sure to love are Bump Mines. Just throw one on the ground and send an opponent, or even yourself, flying.New as well is the player pinging system, which by default has been bound to Mouse 3. The command is “player_ping.”

The update also “shakes up the game” as players are now given less time to scavenge and can focus more on hunting. Weapons that players find now offer more ammo. In addition, the tablets now show the nearest large weapon crate with better precision. However, the update makes the Blacksite map unavailable in official matchmaking.

If some of these new features feel familiar, it is because they are. The respawns, ExoJump Boots, and ping system, all of these bring to mind features present in Apex Legends.

Additional features coming in future updates are:

  • Ballistic Shield
    • ​When kevlar's not enough, there's always hardened steel to cover your back. You can't shoot with the shield deployed, but that's a small price to pay for immortality.
  • Drone Pilot
    • ​A remote control drone of your very own. Gather intel on your enemies from a distance, or just steal their supplies.
  • Exploration Money Bonus
    • ​Earn an additional cash bonus from each hex explored over the course of the match, giving you more funds to work with as you traverse the environment.
  • Bomb Wave Money Bonus
    • ​Earn an additional cash bonus from each bomb wave over the course of the match.
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