Windigo Gaming Wins CS:GO Championship At WESG 2018

AGO Esports hands Fnatic 16-0 loss
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Windigo Gaming Wins WESG CS:GO
Windigo Gaming Wins WESG CS:GO AliSports

Windigo Gaming was declared the champion of the CS:GO WESG 2018 Global Finals after beating out AGO Esports 2-1. With the win, the Bulgarian CS:GO team takes home $500,000 in winnings.

Windigo's journey started with Group E, playing against the likes of Fnatic, Riders, and ENCE in the Group Stage. Windigo won the top spot and played against Furious Gaming in the Round of 16. Windigo dominated the match, winning handily on both the Overpass and Inferno maps.

The Quarterfinals saw Windigo fight it out with MIBR. Windigo took the first game on the classic Dust II map, winning 16-8. MIBR shot back, taking the second game on the Train map winning 16-8. The final game was close, as Windigo took the first round 12-3. In the second round, MIRB won 10-4. This would not be enough, as Windigo got a total score of 16-13. The semifinals saw Windigo winning against G2 Esports 2-0 though the first game would be a close 19-17.

AGO Esports, on the other hand, began in Group C and finished second behind MIBR. In the Group of 16, AGO played against Team Ukraine and won easily 16-5 on the Overpass map and 16-9 for the Dust II map. The Quarterfinals had AGO going against Valiance, with Valiance getting a close win on the first game 16-13 on the Train map. While the second match would remain close, AGO eventually came out on top. The third game featured AGO domination on the Dust II map, winning 16-6.

The biggest story however would have to be the semifinals match against top CS:GO team Fnatic. In what is clearly a surprise, AGO humiliated Fnatic in the first game, beating them 16-0. Fnatic found redemption in the second game, but AGO would not be denied the chance for the championship as the team won the series in the third game.

The Finals started on the Inferno map, with Windigo taking the lead against AGO, getting the first five rounds. Somehow, AGO was able to find a way to win the first game 16-14. The map for the second game was Mirage, and featured Windigo earning a 16-13 victory. Dust II was the map picked for game three, and Windigo started as Counter-Terrorists. AGO had no answer to Windigo's aggressiveness, with the latter getting a 10-5 lead in the first half. In the second half, Windigo lost the pistol round, but dominated the match, getting a 6-2 score.

After the WESG, Windigo Gaming's next stop is the United Masters League Season 1, which will be held on March 30 to 31 in Germany.

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