Crusader Kings 3: It’s Time to Decide on the Fate of Iberia

Time for a new experience.
Time for a new experience. Paradox Interactive

The latest flavor pack for Crusader Kings 3 is finally here. The Fate of Iberia takes players to a time when it was all about conquest and intrigue, diplomacy and compromise. It’s available for $6.99, but free for those who have the Royal Edition or Expansion Pass.

Prepare for "The Struggle"

The newest feature introduced by this flavor pack is "The Struggle." What it does is to simulate multi-stage and large-scale conflicts across decades or centuries. Players, for example, can choose how to and what kind of influence to put on the constant turmoil on the peninsula during each phase of the Struggle. There's the option to follow the path of history or create an entirely new fate for the region.

New Features

Some of the new features that players can look forward to are:

  • Experience a wide range of new thematic events, decisions, and cultural traditions unique to Iberia. All are historically accurate and meticulously researched.
  • ​Players can dress up their character as a true hidalgo or a Muslim prince.
  • Enjoy a host of new 3D models and environments. These include holdings, units, and ships, to name a few.
  • ​Get carried away by the richly themed soundtrack.
  • Admire the stunning new art, from loading screens to icons and revamped user interface.

Learn more about the Fate of Iberia here.

Castle Update

The new flavor pack arrives to the game with the free Update 1.6. One of the changes it introduces is allowing several faiths to have the same Head of Faith. Some of the Islamic Faiths now share a Head of Faith at the start of the game. Meanwhile, the Conversos, Mozarabic, Insular and Catholic all have the Pope as their Head of Faith.

New content has been added as well, including:

  • New special contracts for Clans: Marriage Favor, Jizya, Iqta, and Ghazi.
  • New faction type: the Dissolution faction will destroy the primary titles of their target, removing a Realm from the map.
  • New 867 Bookmark for Iberia: play one of the influential vassals and forge the destiny of your dynasty.
  • A dozen of new emblems for Coat of Arms and new patterns for Iberian cultures.
  • New field “Face item” for the Barbershop to, well, customize the character’s face.

Check out the complete patch notes here.

Crusader Kings 3 was released in 2020, initially available on PC. Versions for next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S were launched in March 2021.

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