Craftopia: Functional Improvements Implemented in June 14 Update

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The multiplayer open-world survival game Craftopia received a new patch recently. The June 14 Update implemented functional improvements to make the game even better.

First, the behavior of items has improved. More specifically, items moved by facilities like the Distributor are now less likely to get stuck on conveyor belts.

Another notable improvement in Craftopia’s latest update is that the building mode can now be toggled when you’re equipped with cubic building materials, allowing you to construct these structures more precisely.

And lastly, items on the Market with a selling price of zero will be removed when shipping time comes.

Patch Notes

  • Adjusted the parameter of the boss "Bone Dragon"
  • Fixed the bug that the vehicles would be blown away in the guests' game in Multiplayer if you used Monster Prisms to summon them
  • Fixed the bug that the menu screen such as the inventory wouldn't be displayed if you toggle UI off
  • Fixed the bug that it would drop nothing instead of dropping a few items until it reached the maximum amount of dropped items when the expected amount of items would exceed its limit
  • Fixed the bug that the items "Captured Lizard Guillotine," "Captured Goblin Cardinal," and "Captured Pekomet" couldn't be used
  • Fixed the hitbox of Container
  • Removed the invisible hitbox from the top of Relaying Container
  • Fixed the bug that the back side of the Old 8 Tatami Mat Floor wasn't rendered
  • Fixed the bug that Medieval Wainscot would be rendered in an upper position while you were using Retrieving Rod to retrieve it
  • Fixed the bug that "Durability +10" of the enchantment "Reinforced" was displayed outside the Enchanting Table UI
  • Fixed the bug that "Retrieving Rod" would attempt to retrieve the equipped "3-way Distributor"
  • Slightly adjusted the hitboxes of "Distributor," "3-way Distributor," "Sorting Machine," and "3-way Sorting Machine"
  • Fixed the bug that the number set to Auto Craft wasn't saved
  • Fixed the bug that "End of Roof Tiles Gable Wall 1," "End of Roof Tiles Gable Wall 2," and "Edge of Tiled Roof" were displayed in the wrong position in the crafting result preview
  • Fixed the bug that vehicles would take damage indefinitely if they were affected by the status effects "Chill" or "Frozen"
  • Reduced the bug that the bullets thrown by the pet "Gorilla" would sometimes pierce through walls
  • Fixed the bug that some objects in Boss Rush Dungeon would not be reset properly in the guest players' game in Multiplayer
  • Fixed the bug that the boss room of Boss Rush Dungeon would not be closed properly

Craftopia June 14 Update is available on PC.

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