Craftopia January 12 Update Buffs Biplanes and Tanks

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Multiplayer survival action game Craftopia just received its first update of the year, which made functional improvements and bug fixes.

The developers found an issue where the potion’s effects were not being applied to the character after using them. So far, it only persisted with Chill Potion, Frost Potion, and Electro Potion. But the new update has fixed them, so players can use these potions normally.

General Improvements

Tanks and Biplanes' damage outputs against vehicles were somehow weak. So, the developers have increased the damage of the Tank ammo and Biplane missiles. Plus, Biplanes can now fire missiles to a certain degree, giving them flexibility besides shooting forward.

Craftopia Update v20220111.1557

Balancing Adjustments
  • Adjusted the timing of the roar of the boss "Fafnir".
  • Reduced the bug that the boss "Fafnir" got stuck with fences.
Functional Improvements
  • When you use the item "Indulgence of Anubis" on the spawner of the boss "Fafnir", the item now has similar effects as you use it on the spawner of other bosses.
  • The part of Tank and the incident angle are now affecting the amount of damage that actual ammo of Tank and Biplane deal to Tank. The amount of damage that explosive ammo deals to Tank will not be affected.
  • Fixed the bug that the shooting processes of Tank and Biplane weren't synced in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed the bug that the angles of Gun Turret and Gun Barrel weren't synced in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed the bug that the position of Tank wasn't synced when other players got off a Tank in Multiplayer.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the bug the amount of memory usage increased every time you moved to another island.
  • Fixed the bug that you couldn't click items in the stacked boxes in the inventory after you opened the chest UI.
  • Fixed the bug that the module attached to vehicles would be detached when you load the save data.
  • Fixed the bug that the yellow arrow which indicates the direction of the building was shown when you rode a vehicle while equipped with building material.
  • Fixed the bug that the blueprint of "Absorber" absorbed the items that you retrieved with "Retrieving Rod."
  • Fixed the bug that the targets of trials that appeared in Hell were automatically set on fire.
  • Partially improved the behavior of player characters that were getting stuck.

You can read more about the update here.

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