Craftopia: Boss Rush Dungeon and Enchanting Scrolls Added in May 21 Update

Patch v20220519.2016
Patch v20220519.2016 Twitter/@PocketpairGames

Developer Pocketpair introduced the Boss Rush Dungeon in the latest update for Craftopia. The May 21 update added Enchanting Scrolls as well.

The Boss Rush Dungeon is a place where players fight against various bosses. Each time a boss is defeated, players can descend deeper and face tougher bosses. The idea here is that the more challenging the encounter, the better the rewards will be. After a certain amount of time, the entrance to the dungeon gets closed and no other player can enter. This means that if one player dies and is not revived by the team, that player will have to wait outside until the other members of the party can beat the dungeon successfully. This dungeon currently has 25 floors that players have to beat, though it is likely that the developers may add more levels soon.

Beating bosses in the newly added dungeon rewards players with a Blank Enchanting Scroll which, when used, turns into an Enchanting Scroll. This scroll can be used on the Enchanting Table to apply enchantments to weapons or shields. Players can also overwrite an existing enchantment. However, keep in mind that overwritten enchantments are lost forever.


  • Flash Grenade
    • If it explodes in front of enemies, they will be stunned, or they will fall to the ground if they're flying
  • Banana Peel Trap
    • This may cause a huge traffic accident when a car runs over it
  • Harvest Wild Items
    • Mushroom Bed
    • Poisonous Mushroom Bed
    • Detoxifying Mushroom Bed
  • Buildings
    • 3-way Sorting Machine
    • Distributor and 3-way Distributor
    • Relaying Container
  • Pets
    • Fenrir
    • Pig
    • Goblin Warrior
    • Werewolf
    • Moving Root
    • Sheep
    • Bone Dragon
    • Buffalo
    • Boar
    • Lizard Gunner
    • Paladin
    • Lava Golem
  • "Fafnir" and "Hydra" of a certain level or higher will now drop "Slate of Evolution"
  • Increased the capacities of the weapon material chest of "Refinery" and "Skilled Refinery"
  • Changed the calculation of enchantment statuses "Pet's Critical Chance" and "Pet's Critical Damage Rate" from multiplication to addition
  • Buffed the hitboxes of punch and kick
  • All elite mobs will now drop the "Elite Reward Bag"
  • Adjusted some behaviors of the boss "Bone Dragon"
  • "Anubis" in Hell biome will not attack outside the fighting area
  • Greatly increased the frozen resistance parameter applied to the boss after they get frozen
  • Backup every 5 minutes and autosave every 1 hour are now integrated. Manual backup will now be generated when you manually save
  • Added the lock and unlock commands to restrict players from joining the server
  • Added the tell command to whisper a specific player in a server
  • Increased the capacity of "Sorting Machine" from 1 to 3
  • You can now repair equipped items directly via Repair Station

The full changelog for Patch v20220519.2016 is available on PC.

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